10 Animal Cafes Around the World You Need to Visit

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Animal and pet cafes are becoming the new trend around the world and are an ideal destination for those of us who love our four, two, or winged friends. The craze started in Asia but is now a world-wide phenomenon and these cool hangouts are springing up all over the globe. We found some awesome animal cafes around the world that you need to visit. So check them out and see which ones you’d like to go to first.

The Pug Café in Kyoto

One of the coolest of all the animal cafes. This restaurant started with just four pugs, which was awesome but now there are twelve! So if you are ever out east and want a bit of pug in your life, get yourself down there!

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Chiku Chiku Café – Tokyo

Almost everybody loves hedgehogs! This little zone of comfort has a whole bunch of lovable little hedgehogs in their own homey dollhouse rooms. It’s a very nice place to relax and make friends with these little critters.

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Ikefukuro Café – Ikebukuro

Owls are fascinating birds; majestic and beautiful and expert hunters. They are the type of bird that you can stare at endlessly – and even better when you have a delicious latte in hand. Might be worth booking for this one though as it is very popular.

Green Owl Café – London

Or if you’re over in Blighty, check this one out! It’s a great place to go if you’re headed to the UK anyway.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Stopping in good old London town for a little while longer… If cats are your thing, then Lady Dinah’s might be the place for you. Set out as a calm and quiet cat experience, this is a laidback, happy kinda place. Animals are good for your mental health and this is a concept that Lady Dinah’s embraces with all four paws. 

The Dog Café – Melbourne, Australia

If you’re down under and love dogs, check out this rocking little joint. Full of character and fur and as many dogs as you could hope to encounter in one go. Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and enjoy the fun vibes. This is one of the coolest cafes on the list and well worth your time should you be in these parts.

The Dog Café – LA, USA

However, if you’re stateside and love dogs, then this is the ticket for you. Very animal friendly and caring and so many dogs that you get the pleasure of meeting. Also, this very special place is for rescues and are available to be adopted. A great idea and a great cup of coffee!

Hutch Asakusa – Tokyo

Let’s get back to Japan, which after all, is where this strange and wonderful craze originated from. Like rabbits? Enjoy tasty beverages? Hop on down to this little treasure.

Cat Town Café – Oakland, California

Cats, cats and more cats. This nonprofit cat café’s primary concern is to find new homes for our less privileged feline friends. You can also grab local coffee and fresh bagels. Having housed more than 600 of the cutest cats you could hope for and counting, this is one coffee shop with a heart of gold! 

Meow Parlour – New York, New York

In one of the most diverse and busy cities of the world, you’ll find a relaxed space to hang out with cats. Meow Parlour is one of the most friendly and welcoming venues on this list and is highly recommended for everyone of a cat loving persuasion.

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Animals are brilliant, that’s a fact. It’s awesome that we live in a time where they have become so important to us as to warrant their own little place in café culture all around the world.

And I hope that this list has inspired you to seek out and enjoy these unique places, and that you have a wonderful time meeting these great animals.

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