9 Destinations for a Very Tight Budget

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We would all love to be able to take vacations every year, but the cost is often the deterrence. But what if there were places you could take a vacation without worrying about overspending, or have an expensive plane fair? 

Well thankfully, there are some great destinations that won’t cost an arm and a leg and you need to experience. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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Zanzibar may seem a very enchanting and expensive getaway but to hop on a ferry from Tanzania, its mainland is just $35. There is no need to fear, Airbnb options are very much available. Enjoy wind surfing and paddle boarding on its breathtaking seas and take home wonderful memories.

Naples, Italy

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe, bursting with cultural charms and seaside castles. Your eyes will be amazed by ancient architecture and you will get lost in stories of art and cherished monuments. It won’t be much of an expense to explore as you enjoy Italian pizza for only $5.

Read more about Naples here.

The Cook Islands

This intriguing cluster of 15 islands in the South Pacific welcomes visitors to revel in its rich history and Polynesian vibe. Many Airbnb accommodations are available as there are beaches to enjoy. Remain connected to the world with Wifi while exploring boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has a little of it all with beautiful beach locations, loving people and affordable accommodations and tasty food. Be sure to enjoy the constant entertainment at nights. 

Karpathos, Greece

While it may be a bit further away from Athens, Karpathos offers overall lower prices than its luxury counterparts of Santorini and Mykonos. For those that wish to embrace some history this is one of the perfect places. Sun and sand awaits along with affordable hotels, restaurants and taverns.

La Paz, Bolivia

An adventure filled vacation awaits in La Paz. Enjoy outdoor activities such as one of the highest ski slopes in the world. Imagine experiencing that rush for only $70 which includes food and transportation. The locals provide crafted items and herbal remedies for those so intrigued.

Trujillo, Peru

Experience Peruvian northern beaches and vibrant colors. This history filled environment will leave you asking for more. Enjoy inexpensive yet beautiful restaurants at a cost of  $10 and $15. Visitors also have the luxury of 4-star resorts at very competitive rates of $65.

Komodo Islands, Indonesia

One of the new 7 Wonders of Nature is the Komodo Islands. Go see Komodo Dragons on boat tours then take a swim in their colourful beaches. Accommodation and food are offered at inviting prices, feel free to enjoy.

Another great and budget-friendly place to visit in Indonesia is Java.

South Lake Tahoe

Want a peaceful getaway? Then definitely check out South Lake Tahoe. With the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, it’s a wonder to see already. Enjoy its village filled with shops and outdoor fire pits.

Plan your next vacation and rest your mind on what used to be your bank account suffering from a trip. Give yourself that well needed break to one of these beautiful destinations.

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