This Cafe Gave Me My Yearly Dose of Estrogen (And I'm Not Complaining)

Written by Grace & Silas

I feel like, since 2017, I’ve always seen this trend of cafes that go all out to get seen and noticed on Instagram. And I don’t really feel like it’s a bad thing.

Personally, I think it makes the dining experience more visually enjoyable plus the food tends to be better. 👌

But I think this one has outdone all my other coffee house experiences. 

I feel like whoever started it asked themselves, “How much feminine energy do I want to put into this?” And the answer was simply, “Yes.”

Oh, and I wasn’t the one who found this spot, my husband did. He has this really awesome part of his heart where he likes to find things he thinks I would like. And he hits it out of the park basically every time. 

So, after forcing myself to leave our Airbnb because I was feeling particularly like a shut-in that day, all I can say is that this cafe was great for my mental health.

Like an instant shot of dopamine. ❤️ 

And because I was going to such a feminine cafe, I wanted to get what I thought was the MOST feminine dessert on the menu.

So strawberry shortcake + a rose latte it was. 😂 

Pro Tip: Go right when they open, then you won’t have to wait for people to get out of your shots. 👍 

love strawberry shortcake and this was so moist and fluffy. Also, the berries added a nice tartness and the pink freshly whipped cream was a nice subtle sweetness that brought it together.

Oh, and the flower petals made me feel like I was a princess. 😂

The cafe’s name is Saya Brasserie Cafe and if you’re ever in Dubai, then I think you need to go at least once. 

Side Note: This is the address of the one I went to (there are 2 of them).

So, what’s been one of your favorite cafes? I think this is an important topic to discuss.

PS – Locals share their favorite spots in New York + this suburban Atlanta home makes me jealous.


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