6 Easy and Lazy DIY Projects You'll Actually Want to Try

Written by Grace & Silas

I love DIY projects, but the majority of them out there intimidate me to death. So I’d love to do that wall pallet project, but to be honest, that looks like too much work for a lazy person like me. And if you are like me, then you’ll probably want to try something simple and easy.. you know, something that’s not going to take all day (or week) to create?

So down below I’ve found some awesome (and super lazy.. I mean easy), DIY projects from some great bloggers’s lists. I love taking awesome finds from other writer’s lists and then including a link to that list because it gives my readers the option to not only see the ones I thought were best, but also see what other ideas are out there. So feel free to check out what I thought was cool and then head to the bottom to click through on the links and see even more DIY ideas!

Pallet Bookshelf Table


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

Alright, so I did joke about pallet projects earlier, but this one’s super simple. And it comes from DIY Joy’s list of “50 DIY Projects You Can Make in Under an Hour.” So I promise you it’s nothing complex, just a nice way to upgrade basically any space in your home.

Pin Schedules


Found from DIY & Crafts: See Source Below

Alright so this is a DIY project with supplies from the dollar store.. I don’t think it’s going to get any easier than that. And I especially love how simple yet cute this schedule organizer is. This’ll probably take you like… 5 minutes to create and save you even more time when you need to remember doctor’s appointments.

Graphic Print Memo Board


Found from DIY Projects for Teens: See Source Below

This DIY project is a super simple way to dress things up in your apartment or house and make things look stylish. Choose a print and have fun with this one!

Revamp Old Vintage Wood Bowls


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady: See Source Below

Coming from a list of repurposed thrifty store projects, you don’t have to be an awesome artist to do this one. With a little bit of practice, you can turn some old wood bowls into trendy pieces in your kitchen.

Easy Polka Dot Tray


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

Want a super easy but cute way to make your living room (or bedroom) pop? Well try taking a simple wood tray and covering it in cute polka dots with the color of your choice. I know it’s a bit girly, but I couldn’t help myself when sharing this one.

Paint Half the Wall


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

Ok ok, so I really like this one for two reasons. One, if you already want to vamp up your house, but hate painting, you only have to do half the job. Second… it looks super trendy so no one will ever assume that you were just being lazy. Smart right?

Whether you want to give your home an upgrade or you’re feeling creative, there are always simple and… lazy ways to do it. You don’t have to spend a whole afternoon or 2 days on a project that wipes you out. You can make small and simple changes to your rooms which will make the improvement feel big.

Now if you have any awesome super easy DIY finds yourself, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


Pallet Bookshelf Table: DIY Joy

Pin Schedules: DIY & Crafts

Graphic Print Memo Board: DIY Projects for Teens

Revamp Old Vintage Wood Bowls: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Easy Polka Dot Tray: Buzzfeed

Paint Half the Wall: Buzzfeed


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