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As you know, I always love to look for some awesome helpful tips and hacks that’ll make your life a little bit easier. From cleaning, organizing, and decorating your home, there are always plenty of smart ideas that can help you save so much time and money.

And that’s why I decided to gather some more great hack that’ll help make things simpler. These are ideas that are practical, give great results, and make tasks easier. And this list down below will definitely help you out a lot. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Use a Pool Noodle to Fill Your Mop Bucket

If you don’t have a water hose at home, here’s a simple way to easily fill up your mop bucket. Use a pool noodle as a water hose, attach to your faucet, and you’ll make sure things are splatter-free.

Use Plastic Wrap when Measuring

Instead of directly filling the measuring cup with peanut butter, try lining your measuring cup with a thin layer of plastic wrap so things stay clean and sticky-free. It also works well with condensed milk, cream, honey, and any other sticky ingredients.

Command Hooks for the Kitchen

If you want a great way to create counter space for your kitchen (especially if you don’t have a lot), then try using command hooks. All you have to do is attach to the wall above the counter, then hang a basket or wrack from them. Then you can store mason jars with your cooking utensils in them, spices, dish soap, etc.

Drawer Dividers To Keep Your Dresser Organized

For an easy organized drawer (especially for all your small clothing pieces), consider using a snap-off divider that’s made from cardboard or felt. It’s so easy to make and will keep your things clutter-free and easy to find.

Hang Multiple Pieces of Clothing using Soda Tabs

This tip is super smart and a major space saver. You just need some soda tabs and you can easily double your closet space. Just loop the tabs onto a hanger and hang the second hangers through the tab’s holes.

Disposable Hair Traps

If you’re someone who has long hair (or you have a family member who does), then you definitely need these disposable hair traps. This trick will save you some serious cleaning and unclogging time.

You can easily get disposable hair traps here!

Clean Your Keyboard with Sticky Notes

If your keyboard keys are looking a bit dusty and dirty, all you need is a sticky note to start cleaning. Press the sticky side in between your keys to pick up dust and crumbs and wipe off with a clean cloth after.

Differentiate Your Keys

Keep your keys easily identifiable by simply painting the ends with different colored nail polish so you know exactly which one goes to what.

Dripless Popsicles

If you bought some popsicles, try putting a cupcake liner under your popsicle to create a drip catcher. You’ll find it super helpful, especially if you have kids.

Pegboard Kitchen Organizer

This pegboard organizer is such a great addition to your kitchen. It keeps your utensil, pans, and pots organized and in place. Plus, it’s a functional decorative piece that’s perfect for making your kitchen look great.

You can easily get a pegboard organizer here!

DIY Clip-On Desk Organizers

I honestly know the pain of having a small workstation, and that’s why I really love how this DIY project adds instant table space. You just need some small cans, paint colors that pop, washer, bolt, and nuts. And in just a few minutes you’ll have an upcycled storage option, perfect for your pens, pencils, and even a pot for your plant of choice.

Clean Your Toilet Bowl… with Kool-Aid

Skip the expensive store-bought toilet bowl products and opt for a chemical free cleaner. You just have to empty a Lemonade Kool-Aid packet into the toilet bowl, give it a nice scrub, and flush after.

Alright, I hope I was able to provide value to you in this post. And while there are a lot of tips and hacks that can help make your life easier, trying these ideas will definitely make things simpler. So give them a try and let me know what you think!

Now, if there was something that I missed or wasn’t answered, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help you out!

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