8 of the Best IKEA Hacks from the Experts

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Growing up, I wasn’t really into home decor, and when my parents drug me to furniture stores, I knew I was in for hours of boredom (they seriously took too long in there). But when it came to IKEA, I was all good; they had food and some of their furniture was fun to look at. And now that I’m an adult, I can go in there and actually enjoy myself.

But what I actually think helps me like going into IKEA is knowing that I can take one of their simple pieces of furniture and do a whole new look on it. Oh, and it doesn’t cost me much; that’s pretty awesome.

So down below, I’ve included eight of the best IKEA tips and hacks and the lists I found them from. I love finding great lists from awesome bloggers, and then sharing their finds with you. And once you’ve seen the hack, you have the chance to click through to their list and see even more. I’ve included a link to their posts at the bottom, so feel free to check them out!

$10 DIY Coffee Table


The Creative Mom: See Source Below

Now I’m a coffee drinker, but I’m not sure if that requires me to have a coffee table. Well either way, I’m seriously impressed with this one. She took something clean and simple and turned it into a rustic yet modern looking piece of furniture. Definitely a piece I’d like to have in my living room.

DIY Charging Station


House Talk and House Beautiful: See Link to DIY List and Tutorial Below

For $9 you can buy a simple rail and turn it into a phone charging station. Make it look cute and neat and you have a fun design for any room. Because let’s face it, a charging area seems to be a necessity these days (especially a safe one, smartphones aren’t cheap).

Laundry Room Organizing Rack


Better Homes and Gardens and Buzzfeed: See Link to DIY List and Tutorial Below

With a nice color, you can use this organizing mobile rack (called a Råskog, crazy I know) to brighten up your room and keep things orderly.

Frosta Shelf IKEA Stool Hack


Vtwonen and DIY Joy: See Link to DIY List and Tutorial Below

If you want your room to look a bit trendy, then this is probably a great DIY project for you. Being very simple, it’s a fun way to dress things up and keep things stored.

Dipped Stools


Style Me Pretty and Lonny: See Link to DIY List and Tutorial Below

Now I was under the impressions that IKEA was already trendy, but these DIY geniuses keep on proving me wrong. Also, dipping some cute stools in paint can’t be that difficult which makes this a pretty darn easy DIY project.

Wood and Metal IKEA Hack Industrial Shelf


Remodelholic: See Source Below

Again, just another way to make your home look stylish but organized. I mean you could put those books and trinkets on the coffee table or desk, but this just looks so much better.

Bar Cart


Belle Vie: See Source Below

Now if you don’t drink, then I don’t see why this couldn’t be used for a fun bar cart for non-alcoholic drinks as well. Either way though, this is an awesome piece to make any home party look fun and creative.

12 Places to Shop When You Break Up With IKEA

8 pin

Buzzfeed: See Source Below

Alright, I get it, this isn’t an IKEA hack, in fact, it’s probably a blasphemy for those who love IKEA. But I couldn’t help adding this one just in case you wanted more options. Buzzfeed came up with a great list of places to shop if you want different options. And my favorite by far is CB2 which has some awesome modern and chic pieces of furniture to really dress up your home.

Getting your home to be stylish and cute doesn’t have to take hundreds of dollars. In fact, all of these tutorials are a great way to upgrade your house for a good price. They add just the right amount of color and fun into almost any room. That and going to IKEA (or shopping on their site) is pretty fun. And you might just find some other piece of furniture that you can make into a DIY project yourself!

Now let me know in the comments which one was your favorite! I’d love to know!


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Laundry Room Organizing Rack: Better Homes and Gardens – found from 37 Clever Ways to Organize Your Life: Buzzfeed

Frosta Shelf Ikea Stool Hack: vtwonen – found from 75 Best DIY IKEA Hacks: DIY Joy

Dipped Stools: Style Me Pretty – found in 20 of the Internet’s Best IKEA Hacks: Lonny

Wood and Metal IKEA Hack Industrial Shelf: Remodelholic

DIY Marble & Gold Bar Cart – Belle Vie

12 Places to Shop When You Break Up With IKEA: Buzzfeed

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