11 Brilliant Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse DIY Projects

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Ok so if anyone has seen the show Fixer Upper, then you’ll know how addictive it can be. I’m not even a reality TV show type of person (seriously, they make me wince), but this show has got me hooked. And after watching like… almost all of the seasons, it’s inspired me to try my hand at a few farmhouse DIY projects at some point in the near future. Also, it’s given me the idea to show you some DIY ideas that’ll help you guys get that Fixer Upper look yourself.

So check out these great projects done by awesome bloggers and let me know what you think!

Rustic Painted Arrows


Found from Canary Street Crafts: See Source Below

Arrow designs have always been a favorite of mine, and I really like this cute idea for a plaque/paint design. Such an easy craft!

Milk Bottle Floral Holder


Found from Magnolia Homes: See Source Below

I love cute little holders and small pieces that make a big statement in the room. And an easy way to dress up your home is with a cute floral holder like this.

Herb Drying Rack


Found from Magnolia Homes: See Source Below

If you want to go the more traditional route in your kitchen and cooking life, then this is a a cute addition to your home!

Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table


Found from Blesser House: See Source Below

I’m always a sucker for a cute coffee table, they’re such an easy way to class up the main room. And this one has my vote for one of the cutest coffee table DIY’s out there.

Chicken Wire Cabinet DIY


Found from Dreamy Whites: See Source Below

Now if you really want a farmhouse feel in your kitchen, then I’m pretty sure chicken wire is the way to go. It’s an easy addition to so many cupboards and cabinets!

Farmhouse Vignette


Found from Dreamy Whites: See Source Below

Again, another idea for a small side or center piece in your home that’ll dress it up in a big way.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sign


Found from Junk Chic Cottage: See Source Below

Now if there’s anything I’ve learned from Fixer Upper, it’s that farmhouse-style signs are awesome. Seriously, this is a great way to dress up your walls.

Farmhouse Shelf Decor DIY


Found from The Turquoise Home: See Source Below

I love fixing up shelves, they’re alway a cute way to add some design and decor in your home. I mean, who says they’re only made for books?

Stepladder Side Table


Found from Funky Junk Interiors: See Source Below

I think repurposed stepladders as a shelf or a side table is a great idea. It’s another way to add additional decor in your room.. or just another place to set your coffee mug.

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign


Found from Cherished Bliss: See Source Below

More signs! Sorry guys, but Cherished Bliss has made this super cute DIY bathroom sign. Also, check out the rest of their industrial farmhouse tutorials!

DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench


Found from Honeybear Lane: See Source Below

Now to end this post, I thought I’d round it out with a cute farmhouse bench table. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your dining room and the benches really give it that fun family feel.

Whether you’re planning on remodeling your whole home, just a room, or you want to stockpile up different ideas for when you have one, these are all doable DIY projects. Besides, you’ll probably end up saving a ton of money by doing these yourself rather than buying them online or in a manufactured retail store.

Now if you have any farmhouse home decor ideas yourself, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


Rustic Painted Arrows: Canary Street Crafts

Milk Bottle Floral Holder: Magnolia Homes

Herb Drying Rack: Magnolia Homes

Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table: Blesser House

Chicken Wire Cabinet DIY: Dreamy Whites

Farmhouse Vignette: Dreamy Whites

Farmhouse Kitchen Sign: Junk Chic Cottage

Farmhouse Shelf Decor DIY: The Turquoise Home

Stepladder Side Table: Funky Junk Interiors

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign: Cherished Bliss

DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench: Honeybear Lane

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