8 Foods to Stock Up On in Case of an Emergency

Silas & Grace

There’s always some kind of emergency that people need to prepare for, whether it’s a hurricane, flood, earthquake or pandemic, such as the current Covid-19. So here are a few foods that will be useful to have.


Pasta is a useful food to have as it stays good for an extended period of time. The carbohydrates will also help give you energy, and it’s an easily interchangeable food (meaning you can easily alter it with different flavors).

Stock Cubes

When you’re putting food away for an emergency, it would be nice if it had some flavor, and stock cubes can keep for a very long time. Just because there is a crisis doesn’t mean you need to be eating bland foods. Plus, these cubes are normally very small, meaning they won’t take up much room in your pantry.

Distilled/Bottled Water

For some emergencies, lack of water can be a risk, particularly if sources are broken or turned off. So ensure you always have clean, safe water on hand, to maintain your health. Bottled water can be bought in multipacks and keeps for a long time, so you can gradually build it up.

Pickled Vegetables

We know that vegetables are good for us, but if you need this store to last more than a few weeks than normal, items may start rotting. Historically, people used to pickle vegetables to preserve them. You can either buy items already pickled or do it yourself from home.

Canned Fruit

To make sure you have a healthy diet of certain vitamins and minerals, canned fruits are a great option. They’ll keep longer than their fresh counterparts. 

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter keeps for a long time and is a great source of energy and protein. It can be mixed with both sweet and savory foods, making it very versatile. It’s also not very expensive, meaning you can potentially stock up on more.


Salt can have a variety of purposes in your store cupboard. It can be used to keep things fresher for longer and to add taste. Also, another bonus of salt is that it can be used medicinally, such as salt-water rinses for wounds, including in the mouth.


With a longer shelf life than bread, crackers can be great as a part of your emergency survival store. They can be snacked on their own or used to form a kind of sandwich. Where possible, try to keep them sealed so they don’t become stale.

There are so many great ways to keep yourself stocked up. So make sure you put some of these on your list before your next store run!


Silas & Grace

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