7 Top Tips from People Who Destroyed Debt

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So many websites claim to have advice on how to rid yourself of potentially life-crippling debt, but a lot of the time this is generalized advice from writers. But we decided that the best way to help you would be to source advice from people who can claim they’ve “been there and done that” and brought it straight to you.

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If you’re in debt, then I would definitely read Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover which you can check out here. He’s helped MILLIONS of people climb their way out of debt and have financial peace and security. So DEFINITELY check him out!

Also! He has another great book called the Legacy Journey which is a great read. Check it out here!


While this is a common piece of advice, it does work. By calculating your incoming and outgoing amounts, you’ll be in a better position to work out where you can throw money at your debt, and what unnecessary costs you might have.

See where you’re wasting money, and make some cuts

You don’t realize until you add it all up just how much is spent on frivolous items, name brands, and conveniences such as eating out rather than cooking. And by taking note on these money-wasters, you can save extra money that can be put towards paying off that debt.


At times you can call your credit card provider and try to lower your APR. This will work particularly well if you’ve been making, or at least attempting to make, your regular monthly payments.

Accept your circumstances

Stop looking at what others have and instead focus on where you are in life. This will help you out a great deal, as well as stop unnecessary purchases that are caused by feeling the need to keep up with trends. So, what if someone has a better car than you? At least you’ll be able to sleep at night in peace.

Ask for support

Whether you’re on your own or apart of a couple, it might be useful to gain support from others in reducing debt. We don’t mean asking for handouts, but instead, having someone who will look at your debt and your spending with you to assess any changes or ideas they may have. This might be a financial advisor but, if you’re really looking to cut all costs, it may be worthwhile speaking to a trusted friend or relative who can help you stay accountable and keep your best interests at heart.

Start with your smallest debt

This may not necessarily be the one with the highest interest rate, but once it’s gone, it’s gone! You can claim that you are officially one debt down. That will be great for boosting your morale and motivating you to start on the next debt.

Earn money where you can

This may mean taking on a second job, freelancing, or even weekend work. While it will be tough, some turn to this as a means of expediting their debt pay-off and getting to financial freedom quicker. It can also put you in a better financial position in the future too, as you might gain the experience needed to move forward into a better job.

These 7 tips should help you on your way to financial freedom. It’ll be a hard climb, but we have every faith that you can push on forward and find your balance.

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