6 Good Online Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

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We were brought up believing that in order to get somewhere in life you need to go to college, but in modern society this is not always the case. There is a wide array of careers that you can jump into without having a degree and the debt that comes with it. Some jobs even offer training within the career path to help you excel further. And here are a few jobs that you can get without needing to set foot in a college.


Blogging is one of those incredible jobs that doesn’t require you to have a degree. I mean, blogging is my full-time job and I don’t have one!

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done since I was able to get my husband out of his horrible job and start traveling the world full-time. It really is incredible to have time freedom and work when and where I want. And if you’re curious about starting your own blog, then you can check out my step-by-step guide here!

Translator or Tutor

If you studied a foreign language, or know one due to family connections, you can find work as a translator or interpreter. This may involve translating copies of text into another language, or back into your own. There are also online roles that cater to teaching language to others through video calls and forums.

Editing and Proofreading

Having a good grasp of written English can truly pay off. Some companies may employ a remote worker to edit and check the text before publication or online upload. Otherwise, you may be able to find freelance work online for different clients where people want a piece of text checked for errors.

Freelance Writer

It’s not just editing that you can do online without a degree. Some places hire people on an ad-hoc basis to write content for them. We know of several people who have used freelance sites such as Upwork to gain paid work in writing for others that can lead to permanent contracts or future work from the same employer.

Customer Service

Some customer service roles can be undertaken remotely at home and require little to no experience, let alone qualifications. These can be ideal for people who, whatever their circumstance, may find difficulty in attending a physical means of employment. Training can be given with these either in person or through online tutorials.

Virtual Assistant

All the tasks of being a personal assistant to a manager or head of a corporation without needing to be there personally. Generally, the requirements here are the knowledge of matching calendars, planning conferences and travel, and being able to answer emails for them. Good communication with the person you are assisting is vital to success here, but a college degree is not!

With these 6 jobs, as well as many others we haven’t mentioned, you should be able to find a role that suits you and doesn’t require years of study and financial burden that a college degree may bring.

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