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If you’re looking for a budget planner right now, then I just wanna say that I think YOU are awesome for being here.


Because right now, so many people have only ever thought of getting their money under control, but you’re actually doing it.

While they’re sitting in front of Netflix and binge watching shows and spending more than they have on impulse purchases at the grocery store, you’re looking into a Budget Planner and wanting to get ahead financially.

You actually wanna be debt free and be responsible with your money so you’re not living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Basically, you wanna feel how Black Widow looks here.

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Side Note: Preview of Budget Planner down below.

Now you might have tried other money saving methods or budget binders before, and failed…

However, that’s not your fault.

Those methods and tools you used failed you. They didn’t give you the help you needed and probably left quite a few things out (in order to get you to buy more of their products).

But this budget planner is gonna help you feel incredible as you start to see the amount you owe, go down each month, and the amount in your bank account go up.

Basically, this is gonna be you:

You’re gonna be at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and the cashier is gonna finish ringing you up. You’re gonna look at how much everything was and… you’ll pay it. No cringing. You’ll just have more than enough to pay for it.


You’re gonna buy those tickets to Hawaii that are $725 per person and book that hotel room that’s $215 a night… and you’ll just be able to do it. There won’t be any guilt or freaking out that you’re going into even more debt. Or feeling disappointed because you realize that you can’t afford it, and then decide to go on a much cheaper vacation.

You’re just gonna have the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

No more stress or money fights when you go through and follow this budget planner.

Also, this printable Budget Binder is going to help you:

  • Save money & always have cash in your wallet.
  • Learn how to make money.

And here’s just a BIT of what it includes: 😊

  • Trackers for savings, expenses, retirement, subscriptions, and more
  • Cash envelope templates
  • Saving challenges
  • Money-saving tips
  • Yearly savings plan
  • A daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expense breakdowns
  • Encouraging wall art quotes
  • Savings thermometers
  • Debt payoff jar sheets
  • And more!

I really feel like this Budget Planner is going to change your life if you use it.

Also, it’s just really pretty too which makes it more fun right? 😊

Ok, so here are my personal favorite parts of this binder:

Financial Trackers

Whether it’s a debt tracker or bill tracker, I’ve got you covered

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed when there’s so much to keep track of, which is why I think these trackers will help you out.

Now there’s no need to feel frustrated when you’ve missed a payment. You can just feel like a pro as you see everything get organized and come into place.

Savings Challenges

There are SO MANY great ideas for saving money and I feel like challenges are some of the best (and most fun) ways of doing it.

Also, it just feels so good to see your savings stack up over the days, weeks, and months. 😊

Definitely a good addition to a Budget Binder.

Debt Payoff Jars

Debt is a huge burden on anyone which is why I decided to include some debt payoff jars to help keep you on track and motivated. I know that debt thermometers are the normal way of doing it, but I thought that jars (like coin jars) might be a more cute and fun way to do it.

Saving Thermometers

Whether it’s for retirement or a new car, these saving thermometers help encourage you to stay on track and spend only when you have the money for something. Basically making you a money-saving pro.

Also, in the end, I don’t think you can have a budget planner without some saving thermometers. 😉

Cash Envelopes

Thanks to Dave Ramsey, cash envelopes have been extremely popular for years, so I couldn’t add these. They’re such cute designs and a great way to make sure you don’t overspend in one (or more) categories in your budget than you should.

PS – If you have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comments below or email me at Happy to help! 😊

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