7 Good Money Secrets from the Great Depression 

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The great depression was a period in history where unemployment went to almost 24.9% in the United States. This dire economic crisis caused many people to cut back on their costs and become creative with their budgeting.

And here are just a few money secrets that have survived over the years.

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Saving money in the kitchen.

Ground beef and other meats were expensive, so mixing in things like lentils with ground meat was commonplace (you can try doing meatballs this way!). You can also use beans since they’re also full of protein, tasty, and don’t cost much!

Growing your own food.

Gardens were also used to make people’s lives easier so they could grow their own food. And if you don’t have much space, you can use your windowsills to grow herbs in pots.

Fixers, not replacers.

Another common activity was to fix an item that broke rather than buying a new one. It isn’t always that hard to fix something and it can save you a LOT of money that you could then put into a savings account or towards retirement.

Cooking at home

Eating out was a once in a blue moon thing during the Great Depression. And if you don’t have a lot of time, then try batch cooking on your free day. It only takes up 2 or so hours (depending on the meal) and then it’s done!

Bulk buying.

Buying essential household items in bulk is a great way to cut costs. They’re necessary goods and the cost can’t be avoided, thus it’s very cost-effective to purchase in bulk and get that discount.

Cleaning products.

Making your cleaning products is an easy and cost-saving habit. Seriously, those store-bought brands can be SO expensive, and making your own is pretty darn simple!

Free sources of entertainment.

It was essential to find free sources of entertainment and not spend any money on solving boredom. And there are plenty of free ways to solve boredom like going to the library or the park.

We can learn a lot from the above habits as they are still handy in our daily lives. So give them a try!

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