6 Fruits and Veggies to Avoid When Losing Weight

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You usually think of fruits and veggies as something you can consume without self-control. And they are generally thought of as ‘diet foods’ as people usually shift from junk and processed foods to fruits and vegetables when they want to lose weight.

However, you have to be careful with fruits and veggies as well because not all of them are great for you when you’re on a diet. So limit yourself to certain produce that are proven to help with weight loss. And the following are some fruits and vegetables you should avoid.

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Bananas: Bananas are usually eaten in excess when going to the gym and trying to lose weight. But it may not be the best since they’re high in calories, so have just one banana a day for a quick snack.

Tropical fruit: fruits like pineapples and mangoes contain higher amounts of sugar and calories than other fruits. So save them for special occasions and switch to apples in the meantime.

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Avocado: you don’t have to completely kick avocado out of your life, but be careful about how much you consume. 100 grams of avocado contains 160 calories which is a lot if you’re trying to cut back on fats and fit into that dress for a wedding next month.

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Dried fruit: when you’re standing at the grocery store and not sure whether to buy fresh or dry fruit, go for fresh without thinking twice. 

Mashed sweet potatoes: it’s hard to believe but a cup of mashed sweet potatoes contains 249 calories while a cup of green veggies like kale and spinach only contains 20 calories.

Grapes: this tiny fruit is usually overeaten, but they can definitely make you gain weight. 100 grams of grapes contain over 67 calories so be mindful of it.

Try staying away from these fruits and veggies, or cut down the portion sizes, and see how much weight you lose!

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