12 Bad Habits Fit Girls Don’t Have

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We all have bad habits from time to time, but if you’re trying to get physically healthy, then these are some habits you need to get rid of quickly. Especially if you want to start seeing results with your fitness and health soon!

So if you’re getting ready to up your own personal health and wellness game, then definitely check these habits out.

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Not Protecting Your Skin

While fitness is normally seen to be all about exercise, are you really willing to risk your new-found health for a bit of a tan? Sunbeds will prematurely age you and the risk of skin cancer isn’t worth it. And if  you want a tan, then I’d suggest using a bottled or sprayed version. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget to use a good quality sun lotion when out to protect yourself from UV rays.

Over Exercising

Now you probably think I don’t  know what I’m talking about, but too much exercise can actually be damaging. Give your muscles time to heal and don’t push yourself. Your body will thank you later.

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Too Much or Not Enough Sleep

Fitness may be too much for you if your body doesn’t get enough rest. It’s recommended  to get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night to help you feel on top of the world. So pay close attention to your sleeping habits, especially after a grueling workout session.


While fasting can be good for you, to become truly fit and healthy inside and out, you do not want to starve yourself. This will not only mess up your body, but also stop any healthy weight loss.

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Ignore Self-Care

It’s okay to want to get yourself into a fitness regime, but remember to look after both your physical and mental health too. Take time to do the things you enjoy, rather than becoming too obsessed with your weight loss goals.


Not monitoring the thoughts you have about yourself, such as, “It’s too hard for me to lose weight,” or, “I’ll never get to that weight loss goal I want,” can keep you from attaining your goals. So make sure that you are replacing those lies with truth, because let’s be honest, there are so many people out there who have reached the goals you want to attain now. You are NOT alone.

Binge Eating Post-Workout

You’ve just done a ton of exercise and deserve a treat, however if you eat too much (specifically unhealthy food), you run the risk of undoing all your hard work. Look for healthy snacks to take the edge off.


No health guru will speak to you without mentioning the importance of drinking water. This works as an appetite suppressant, helps repair damaged muscles, and keeps you hydrated. Water really is fundamental in fitness, and more so than any other drink.

Not Getting Back on Track

So, you’ve been eating well and exercising, but your friend convinces you to go out for a meal and drinks… and now you’ve fallen out of your healthy routine. Now what? Any fit girl would not throw in the towel. So get back in the saddle and never let anything hold you down.


While stress is bad for you in a variety of ways, it can help age you, which goes against any health and fitness goals you have right now. Not to mention, stress also helps you to gain weight.

Overconsumption of Alcohol

Most adults enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, but too much can cause you to gain weight. This can, in turn, cause other health issues as  well. So to stay fit and healthy, it’s best to monitor how much you drink.

Fast Food

Take out in general is not good for you, but fast food tends to be worse. Sometimes it’s better to cook at home, that way, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and can monitor it according to what you need more of.

If you’re wanting to drop some bad habits that many people struggle with (don’t worry, you’re not alone!), then definitely get rid of these. Disposing of these bad habits will not only help you lose weight, but feel and look incredible too! 

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