10 Vision Board Hacks That’ll Help You Stay Motivated

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Thinking of a better way to get motivated and inspired this new year? Then try creating a vision board. If you haven’t heard of it, a vision board is basically a collection of pictures that reflect what you want your life to look like (whether it’s the weight you want to be, the places you want to go, or the type of home you want to have). You can customize it and add anything you want. It’s an amazing way to keep you inspired!

And to help you get started, I’ve gathered some awesome vision board hacks. They’ll allow you to unleash your creativity, get you inspired, and make you a goal setter. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Use Washi Tape to Decorate

Washi tape is a perfect way to have cute designs for your vision board while being low-budget. And the best part is that they won’t hurt your walls. You can easily remove and change them without worrying about paint or pictures.

Print Out Inspirations

If your’e not the most crafty/artsy person and you don’t want to illustrate your goals, you can print out different inspirational images from the internet. Whether you’re making a specific board for your travel plans, life goals, successful career, you can find almost anything on the internet.

Add Some Stickers

There are plenty of sticker designs that can fit your vision board’s personality. Play with them and find ways to use them to eccentuage the different goals you have

Use a Bulletin Board

For your less permanent vision boards, (like an upcoming holiday vacation or a quick goal to achieve), consider using a bulletin board. You can easily pin all your inspirational images and reminders, and remove when done. You can also put the board on your workstation and so it’s always in front of you as a reminder.

Cut Out from Magazines

Now, if you’re crafty person, try grabbing your old magazines, and cut out some ideas or images that can represent the different goals you have. Make a collage by cutting out words, phrases, or pictures from magazines and then glue them to your board. You’ll be surprised with how many great photos you can find.

Don’t Be Afraid to Overlap

Also, if you want to make your vision board overloaded with amazing ideas, then try putting everything and anything that can inspire you onto your vision board. Overlap and overlay any pattern you like; it’s up to you!

Attach Texture

As I’ve mentioned last time, you can add anything to personalize with your vision board. So try adding some scrabble tiles, paper clips, ribbon, and more. The textured effect looks super cool and it’s a great way to unleash your creativity.

Try Out a Wire Board

Another option for a cool and aesthetically pleasing vision board is to use a wire board. They’re stylish and trendy and can make your room look great on a budget.

Put Some Quotes Up

Quotes are an amazing way to keep you inspired. They can keep you motivated and help you stay focused on your goals. So try hopping onto Pinterest to find anything amazing quotes that’ll keep you going

Doodle Art

Lastly, whether you’re artsy or just want to give it a try, doodling is a great way to fill out your vision board. You can doodle out your life map, or just use colors to intuitively express your feelings about certain goals. Draw your future plans, goals, career, and/or dreams. There are no drawing skills required to do this!

No matter what your plan, dream, or goal for this new year is, having a vision board will definitely help keep you inspired and organized. And implementing these ten hacks on your board will make things more fun and creative. So try them out and let me know what you think!

Now, if you have any vision board tips yourself, email me or let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!

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