How to Improve Confidence: 10 Ways You Can Get Rid of Insecurities

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I’ve grown up with insecurities all of my life, and it’s probably something you’ve dealt with for a long time too.

But right now, it’s something I’m trying to work through and I want to help you out in your journey as well. 🙂

Don’t ever believe lies like, “Well this is just who I am,” or “I’m always going to be this way, it’s just way too hard to change.”

It’s not.

You’ve got this and you’re stronger than you think! 💪 

And I don’t care about where you are in your journey to loving and believing in yourself, but I do hope that these ideas down below can help you on your way to living a better life!

1. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are things like, “Well, I could never get a better job because I never finished college.” Or, “I could never find someone that really loves me.”

They’re the negative things we’ve told ourselves for years that have held us back from living happier lives.

And the best thing you can do with each of these lies is to write down each one you have, then start to create “bridge statements” that will eventually get you to positive beliefs.

Bridge statements are things like, “Well I guess it’s not impossible for me to find a better job,” or, “I suppose it’s possible that I could eventually find someone that genuinely loves me.”

This helps transition your brain from the complete negative into a space where you start to see the possibility of better things happening to you. And then once you’re over in that transition space, you can eventually start taking on fully positive beliefs about you and your circumstances.

2. Getting Rid of Insecurities with Bridge Statements

We all have so many insecurities in our lives.

And whether it has to do with our bodies or our finances, they can sometimes feel pretty overwhelming.

But that’s where bridge statements also come in handy.

If you read about bridge statements in the first piece of advice, then I think you’ll start to see how they can help you here as well.

So for instance, if you’re struggling with how you see your body, you can say a bridge statement such as, “Well maybe I don’t look as bad as I think I do.” And then eventually you can start saying more positive things about yourself like, “I really am beautiful and also grateful to my body that it’s healthy and takes good care of me.”

3. Get Rid of People Who Hurt Your Confidence

Do you have a bad friend (or friends) who is constantly telling your that you’re not good enough in some way?

Or maybe they’re making small remarks about how you look or how you do something. 

And they’re small enough that you feel like you can’t really call them out on it.

Get rid of them immediately.

They’re not worth your time and you deserve so much better. Life is too short for people like that!

4. Celebrate Progress Even if It’s Small

Use an excuse to celebrate yourself and the progress you’ve made so far with your confidence!

I don’t care how small it is, it’s just very important that you celebrate so that you don’t get discouraged and stop doing the things you need to do to have a better life.

5. Get Rid of Things That Fuel Your Insecurities

Social media is a great place to start.

And I’m not saying you have to get rid of it completely!

But if there are people or certain topics on TikTok or other sites that you compare yourself to frequently, then it’s probably best if you take a break or find a way to get rid of those things in your home feed.

6. Find People Who Will Encourage You to Grow

Plain and simple, once you’ve gotten rid of the negative people in your life, fill it with friends who are going to push your forward.

Find people who are already going in the same direction you want to go as well! Grow with them and get advice from those who are further ahead than you!

7. Daily Affirmations 

I wrote an entire post on 102 Positive Morning Affirmations that can help change the way you think when you pair them with action.

I promise you, these really do help, so give them a try and see how they start influencing your beliefs.

Or if you want to go the bridge statement direction, you can start using these once you’ve fully started to believe in your bridge statements.

8. Try New Small Things

If you want to better yourself and try new things, start small.

It’s easy to want to try some new activity, hobby, or potential passion, start big, get discouraged when we see that we’re not doing as well as others, then wonder what’s wrong with us.

Hint: there’s nothing wrong with you.

Everyone fails at something new.

But if you want some quick wins, then try some simple new and fun activities that will help boost your confidence as you see yourself succeed.

You CAN do amazing things!

9. Embrace Who You Really Are

Sometimes the people we grew up with (example: childhood friends) really do harm how we see ourselves or the things we’re into.

They make us feel like the things we take an interest in are strange or weird.

But they’re not, they’re a part of you, and they’re fine.

Everyone is into unique things.

And the people that made you feel small for them, have things going on internally that they’re not dealing with.

So it’s ok to move on from them and love yourself. Embrace the things that you love.

10. Understand that Setbacks Will Happen

And it’s ok!

They happen to each and every one of us, so don’t get discouraged, just see it as a part of the process.

It’s something you will move past and get better at.

That’s it!

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