Some Quick Time Managing Advice: 5 Things You Can Do to Feel Like You Have Your Life Under Control



I’ve been trying to find some good time management ideas recently.

It can feel pretty overwhelming when it feels like the to-do lists just don’t stop.

And I’m going to assume you probably feel the exact same way, so here are some simple ideas that might make your life a bit easier each week. ♥️ 

1. Eat the Frog

This is just a saying that means if there’s something unpleasant that you have to do, then the best thing you can do is to just get it done in the beginning of your day.

That way it’s not weighing over you and causing you low-level (or high-level) stress throughout the day. And that stress can also hurt how fast you get other things done. 

Also, that big task actually get’s done and not put off for tomorrow. 🙂

2. Use the Stopwatch Function on Your Phone, Not the Timer

I’ve been finding that if you want to time yourself and get something done a lot faster, the stopwatch function on your phone is the best, not the countdown timer.

When you keep it in view, it kind of creates this sense of (good) urgency to see if you can beat your previous time when it comes to the same task.

And when you’re able to challenge yourself with how fast you can go, then that means you get done a lot sooner. And when you get done a lot sooner, that just means you have more time to relax with a hot cup of coffee later on. ☕️ 

3. Rewards

This honestly pairs well with the stopwatch method.

Every time you complete a task when using your stopwatch, find a way to reward yourself.

I find that giving myself a bite of dark chocolate is pretty effective. 👌 

4. Create a One Minute Or Less List

One of the reasons why our to-do’s get to an overwhelming place is because we keep on putting off certain tasks.

But if you look through all of your to-do’s, you might notice that a lot of them could probably be done in a minute or less.

So start making a list of one minute or less tasks so that you can start getting rid of all that overwhelm.

Other Ideas for Lists You Can Also Make:

  • 5 Minutes or Less List
  • 10 Minutes or Less List
  • 20 Minutes or Less List
  • 30 Minutes or Less List

This helps things feel less intimidating and more manageable. 

5. Get Rid of Any Beliefs That Say There Isn’t Enough Time

And lastly, a lot of us struggle with believing that we can actually get everything done that needs to be done.

I’ve struggled with this almost my entire life, and it’s a belief I’m trying to get rid of right now.

And one of thing I’ve really learned is that you can accomplish a lot in your life and get things done, you just need to build systems and research ways that others have gotten the same tasks done faster.

I promise you, this really does work, and when you stop saying, “I can’t,” and start finding ways so that you actually can, your life is gonna get a lot easier. 🙂

And that’s it! Do you have any time management ideas yourself? I’d love to know in the comments down below!

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