How this Woman Made $3,200 Her First Month of Proofreading

Written by Grace & Silas

One of my biggest goals in life is helping people with actionable tips and inspiring them with ways to work from home. It’s a big passion of mine, especially since it was something my husband and I wanted (and needed) for a long time. I know what it’s like to wish you could work from home and not have to deal with the public and politics in work. High stress jobs (or jobs that are a dead end) are basically nobody’s thing.

One of the main things I harp on is starting your own blog, but that’s not everyone’s thing, and I get it. So that’s why I’m writing this post. Recently, I learned of a new way to work from home and I love it.

Proofreading. It doesn’t require you to create your own site and it gives you the ability to not just work from home, but anywhere. And for some, that’s a huge thing! Maybe daycare is too expensive or one of your biggest goals in life is to travel full-time. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you.

Now how do you get into proofreading and how does it work? Well I’d like to tell you about a site called Proofread Anywhere. They set you up with the training and tools you need to become a success. And for those who love to read, proofreading is probably right up your alley.

And it was for Adrienne! This girl made $3,200 her first month. So let’s learn about how she did it.

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The Free 7-Day Intro Course

Adrienne had a lot on her plate to juggle. What with multiple bad part-time jobs, classes, and independent projects, she really had to make time for this. So clearing up her schedule to try the free 7-day intro course was a bit of a task. However when she did it, she found that Proofread Anywhere was exactly what she needed.

Once she could take the course and get a client, then she could quit all of her horrible part-time jobs and focus on her actual dreams.

Some of the Best Things She Learned

The course taught her many helpful things, however, she really felt like the modules that taught her how to work from an iPad (independence to do it anywhere.. even on a break at work), and the course that taught on how to deal with clients were both awesome. Dealing with clients (people whom you will proofread for) is super important. Being able to handle them just right can make or break whether you get hired on or not. And this course landed her the first proofreading job that made her over $3,200 her first month.

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How She Got Her First Client

Adrienne had kept her eye out for a client on Facebook groups that posted new proofreading jobs and when she saw one, she took it immediately. And because she had so much help and value added to her from the Proofread Anywhere course, she got it and was able to make great money and quit her bad jobs.

Now Adrienne has Made 30,000 in 10 Months!

How crazy is that? She was able to turn this from just a side hustle into a full-time job! And guess what, you can do this too. I’m serious. If your goal is to spend more time with your family, be able to travel, wake up when you want to, and pursue your dreams, then proofreading is a great option.

Last Important Note to Make

It’s easy to see success stories on people who were able to make things work for them and then wonder if you could even replicate that. I would know, I used to be there; until you start getting your first signs of success, anything like making over $3,200 a month would feel like a dream. But you can become your own success story!

I fully encourage you to start today in pursuing a side hustle like this. Because in a year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.

Now if you have any questions about this program or want to know other ways to work from home, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


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