8 Beyond Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks

Written by Grace & Silas

I cook a lot which means things can get messy fast. Everything is in its place until I decide I need to try out three different recipes in one day and then nothing is right. The spices that were neatly organized are now in disarray and flour has spread a light dusting over everything in the cabinet as if a Christmas miracle had just arrived. Alright, with the bad humor aside, I think you get the point that kitchen organization is a must. And down below I’ve found some DIY kitchen organization hacks that will help you as much as they will help me.

I love finding tips and tricks from awesome lists done by great bloggers. It not only gives my readers a chance to see the ideas I picked, but it also gives them the option to click through to another person’s list of DIY ideas and see a whole lot more. So check out my awesome finds and feel free to head to the bottom to click on the link to the list where the hack came from.

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Tension Rod Baking Sheet and Cutting Board Organization


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

For a super cheap price, you can keep things easily accessible and looking pretty darn organized. Seriously,  tension rods are a great way to make your cutting boards and baking sheets seperated and simple to grab.

Cereal Box Drawer Organizers


Found from One Crazy House: See Source Below

Basically everyone eats cereal for breakfast which means this will be an easy low cost DIY for you to try. Also, these pretty drawer organizers will just make your kitchen that much more neat and colorful. Definitely a fun project to try.

Hanging Storage


Found from Listotic: See Source Below

Your counter space is super important, I mean you use it for cutting things, rolling things, and plating things. Which is why I think this one is great. It allows things you use often to stay accessible, but keeps them out of the way. Convenience at its best.

Put All Similar Items Into Like Bins


Found from House Beautiful: See Source Below

Make things easy on yourself and get some cheap but cute bins to slide into your cupboard. Then place any like items in them (flours, sweeteners, spices, etc), so they’re easily found and grabbed.  

Pan Organizer Rack


Found from Listotic: See Source Below

Pans are big which means they usually take up a lot of space. And that means less room for your pots that also need storage. So getting a pan organizer rack is going to clear up a lot of space and keep them easily accessible. No more stacking and trying to reassemble heavy pans

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How to Organize Everything in Your Kitchen


Found from Polished Habitat: See Source Below

Found from Polished Habitat, she goes through the different ways she organizes her kitchen and shows you how to do it. I especially like her idea of getting a small lazy susan (which she got from World Market) to place on your counter and keep things grabable.

Organized Baking Cabinet


Found from Two Twenty One: See Source Below

Again, another awesome guide on how to get organized. But this time, it’s for your baking cabinet. I bake a lot, so I need all the help I can get. The idea of using easily placed hooks on the sides is a great way to keep things up and out of the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Organization


Found from Trulia’s Blog: See Source Below

And lastly, an awesome infographic that shows you some great steps on getting things organized. A seriously great visual guide.

There are so many organizational hacks out there, but I think the ones for the kitchen are the most important. It’s the room that needs to be kept clean or nobody’s gonna want to take care of it. So even if it’s something as small as drawer organizers or pan racks, anything that will make things a little easier in a much used (and loved room of the house), will be appreciated.

Now let me know which ones were your favorite and tell me if you have any hacks yourself! I’d love to hear about them!

Tension Rod Baking Sheet and Cutting Board Organization – Buzzfeed

Cereal Box Drawer Organizers – One Crazy House

Hanging Storage – Listotic

Put All Similar Items Into Like Bins – House Beautiful

Pan Organizer Rack – Listotic

How to Organize Everything in Your Kitchen – Polished Habitat

Organized Baking Cabinets – Two Twenty One

Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen Infographic – Trulia’s Blog


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