8 KonMari Hacks That’ll Make Your Home Feel Incredible

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Marie Kondo’s Konmari method will help your home feel incredible and keep it tidy. And in this article, you’re going to learn about some awesome Konmari organization hacks. These simple hacks for your kitchen, bedroom, and office will have your home organized in almost no time. So let’s begin!

Fold and Store Your Clothes Upright

The Konmari method introduces us to the proper way to fold our clothes. Smooth out the fabric and then store your clothes upright in your dresser; it will give you the opportunity to store everything and make your clothes easier to grab.

Keep Your Important Documents in File Folders

Attaching your important notes or bills on your refrigerator may not be a good idea. They are easy to access, but they’re more likely to be lost. So instead, use a file folder where you can file your mail and bills, and label them accordingly. An accordion-style folder will work great.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Stuff

We all keep at least a few things that don’t hold any value, but if you want to organize your home in the Konmari style, you need to get rid of the extra. Minimalism is the key to the Konmari method, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice. Give away your old clothes, books, and kitchen tools; you’ll be happy you did later.

Keep Things that “Spark Joy” Around You

One of the most famous methods of Marie Kondo is to keep something if it sparks joy; that is, if it makes you feel happy. Sometimes, we can feel happy when we see specific objects like our favorite books or a dress that’s a gift from someone special. And the KonMari method suggests you keep these things that spark joy and eliminate those that don’t.

Keep Your Bathroom Cabinet and Vanity Clutter-Free

One of the most challenging tasks, when you’re tidying up your home, is organizing your beauty products. Try using plastic bins to minimize clutter and categorize your things and place them in these bins accordingly. Make-up products, hair tools, skincare, medicine, and toothbrushes (we have lots of stuff in our bathroom cabinets). Once you organize them properly, you’ll be able to reach each product with ease.

Hang Your Belts by Using Shower Curtain Rings

Don’t store your belts in your nightstand, they take up too much space and can be damaged easily. Instead, use shower curtain rings and hang your belts in your closet.

Take Everything Out of Bag/Purse at the End of the Day

Receipts, brochures, packages, gum; we collect lots of unnecessary things in our pockets and bags in a day. If you take your things out at the end of your day regularly, your bags can stay organized all the time!

Turn it into a Habit

After you’ve learned about the Konmari style of organization hacks, you may get excited and start tidying up your home immediately. However, don’t let your enthusiasm fade away in a short period of time. Don’t approach Konmari as a “special event,” let it be a part of your lifestyle.

If your home is in need of organization and order, then definitely think about using the KonMarie method. It will definitely make your home look and feel great!

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