7 Habits of People with Homes that Are Almost Always Organized

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Organizing the home becomes easier when you’re an organizer keen on making your house look incredible, but in a time-saving way.

So here are 7 habits of people whose homes will never trigger your OCD.

1. A home within a home

This is hands down one of the most important things to understand. What this simply means is that everything is put back in the same place after its use. It should always have a resting place.

2. Organizers know the importance of organization

Nearly anyone with an organized home realizes that being organized will not only make their house look aesthetically pleasing, but will also save them a lot of time.

Keeping things organized and in a reachable place will always save you time when looking for something.

3. Keep surfaces clear

Jessica Samson, a spokesperson at The Maids, says, “Flat surfaces collect clutter like a paperclip to a magnet.”

Your coffee table and dining table are not the right places for anything other than crockery and a little decoration. The more surfaces are clear, the more your house will look organized.

4. Now is the right time

For organizing lovers, there is no tomorrow for arranging the house. And anyone who is organized realizes that it is essential to do things immediately rather than wait for the next day.

5. Paper organization

An organized home will never have piles of paper lying everywhere. As insignificant as paper might seem, it does take up a lot of space and makes the house look messy.

6. Delegate and divide

We don’t all have time to clean every day so a good organizer knows to divide their work throughout the week. Cleaning and dusting Mondays and laundry for Tuesdays and so on.

However, after this division, an organized person knows how to efficiently divide this work among everyone else in the house.

7. No extras for extras

You do not need extras for things you already have extras for. I understand that you love having new things, but you already have enough pillows and blankets and definitely enough bags!

Keep your things to a minimum because if you have a habit of keeping way too many things in your home, you might run out of storage space!

While you are doing all of this, you must make sure that everyone around you is also comfortable with your habits and you’re not causing any inconvenience to those around you.

But, if it’s fine, and your organization has brought peace and less clutter, then make sure to keep these habits. They’ll help you out a lot!

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  1. It’s all fine to say “don’t collect things” but another way to deal with this that lets me collect mindfully is to have an out bag that has to be used when bringing in new. The rest of your list is golden.


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