8 Brilliant Habits of People Who are Super Organized

Silas & Grace

Organization comes naturally to some but is a real chore for others. And if you manage to get into these habits, you will find it a lot easier to bring even a little bit of organization into your life.

Keep Organization Simple

Keep it easy. Don’t make things any harder for yourself than you need to. For example, don’t have a jar for your red pens, blue pens, and green pens. Just have one jar you keep pens in. This way of organizing can be used for other items as well.

Make Notes

We all can be forgetful on occasion, so write things down. Whether it be a list of tasks for the day or week ahead, a shopping list for the next time you’re in town, or even for an event or birthday coming up.

Make Decisions

Rather than being vague or keeping things just in case, start making hard decisions. You either need something or you don’t. You’ll either wear something or you won’t. Something either fits you or it doesn’t. By making these hard decisions, it will be easier for you to organize.


Rather than having hundreds of unread emails on your account, get rid of them! When you receive an email, open it immediately, address what it asks, then either store or delete it.

Your Money

Organization also spills into your finances. So keep a record of your incoming and outgoing finances so you can manage your money and see where you could potentially curb expenses.

Tidy as you go

Don’t set days for tidying certain things. Instead clean as you go. If you finish the milk, go put the carton in the recycling bin now. If you drop food on the table, wipe it up. By not letting work build-up, it will remain manageable and also help you to get into some good organizational habits.

Have a Regular Morning Routine

If you get up at the same time each day, your body will also get used to this new habit. By getting up early, you will give yourself more time to complete tasks and then the rest of the day is yours!

Plan for the Next Day

Rather than waking up and stumbling through tasks, write down what you need to do before you go to bed. This way you can get up and get on, streamlining your time and organizational process.

Organization doesn’t have to be excruciating. If you manage to sort out some habits for yourself, you will find organization easier to manage.


Silas & Grace

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