8 Great Habits of Women with Homes that Are Always Organized

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Spring cleaning time is almost here, and if you’re looking for some great tips and tricks to get your home cleaned up, then check these habits out! They might just help your home look incredible!

They can keep a steady pace.

Keeping things clean comes down to having a steady pace. Otherwise, you’ll get burned out. There’s always another day, so leave some clutter and stubborn stains for tomorrow.

They find a place for everything.

Clutter appears when random tidbits pile up where they don’t belong. So take a few seconds for each item and ask yourself, “Where does this belong?” You should be constantly scanning your surroundings for things that are out of place and putting them where they belong.

They focus on one thing at a time.

Trying to do everything at once is impossible. You have to focus on one thing at a time since that’s how you radically change things. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed and finish exactly zero chores.

They delegate tasks.

The work is more efficient when there’s someone to delegate. This means trusting other people to do stuff you would normally do. It’s ok, you don’t have to shoulder every little thing.

They neatly stack things.

Now that you’ve got the tidbits sorted out, it’s time for some real-life Tetris. The goal of this game is to empty one drawer at a time and stack everything back inside so neatly that it’s all within reach and you can take anything out without disturbing other items in the drawer.

They ignore distractions.

When you’re doing something, give it your full attention. If you have to switch tasks, that’s fine, but then give that task your full attention. Say to yourself, “For the next five minutes, I’ll be decluttering my closet” and don’t let anything distract you.

They throw away stuff.

We get emotionally attached all the time, even to items that don’t show us any affection. But organized women make sure to get rid of anything they don’t need anymore so that they always have space for the things they do need.

They are happy with “good enough.”

If there’s a stubborn stain, don’t spend 2 hours scrubbing it—do the best you can and move on. Otherwise, you’ll exhaust yourself and waste time. Don’t try to make everything a 10/10 because 6/10 will do just fine for now.

Later on, when you’ve figured out how to get rid of the stain (internet hacks are always handy), then you can take it on again.

If you’re ready to get your home nice and organized, then check out these great tips, they’ll definitely help you out!

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