9 Easy Hacks That’ll Keep the Home Clutter-Free in the New Year

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Have you ever opened your closet and thought “Ugh, everything is a mess?” Well, it happens to everyone. But this new year, you might want to figure out how to get things organized without wasting a lot of time. 

You just need some easy tips and a bit of an action plan to make it happen. It really is simple and once it’s done, you’ll feel so much better! So try these ideas out and let me know which ones worked best for you!

Select a Room and Throw Away

First, choose a room and throw all the clutter away. You can even donate or sell them too. You can also have a garage sale after collecting all the items. It’s a great way to get one room done a day. 

Basket Organization System

Homeowners usually find organization a difficult task because they don’t know where to store things. So you have to choose a system that will work well. And I suggest baskets for magazines, toys, blankets, etc. Your kids will also learn how to keep things organized with a basket organization system.

Set Your Schedule

You have to prepare a system of decluttering every week. Choose all the things that are no longer in use like magazines, bills, newspapers, etc. and dispose of them. It’s a great way to keep on top of things.

Optimize Your Storage

Try to use vertical storage like book shelves or floating shelves. It’ll help you have more space on the floor and keep clutter away. 

Start Imagining How You Will Feel

Think about walking into a clean and clutter free room. How will you feel? It’s a great way to keep you motivated to stay on top of decluttering the home and keep things straight.

Learn How to Let Go

If you don’t need something, just let it go. Ask yourself some questions like “Do I really need it?” “Do I have an emotional attachment to this thing?” And most importantly, “Do I have enough space to keep this thing?” If not, then it’s time to keep them in the garage, throw away, or donate.

Use Tech

We are in a time where different tools are available which can be used to clear clutter (apart from the home). It’ll save you so much time and effort. Different smartphone apps can be downloaded to organize your business or even financial goals. So, utilize these apps and make your life easier.

Put Your Things Away

We always teach our children to put things away after using them. But sometimes us adults don’t always follow the same rule. Keep in mind that if you put things away after finishing them, it’ll make your home cleaner and you won’t have to take extra time to clear things up.

Make it a Fun Task

Let’s face it! Whenever we think about a task, we find it difficult to get started. So motivate yourself to get it done. Play some music and think how great your home will look and feel once it’s clutter-free. Arrange some baskets or paint your house and enjoy the new environment.

Don’t get a headache trying to make your home clutter free. Just plan things accordingly, utilize these simple tips, and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Now if you have any decluttering tips yourself, I’d love to hear about them! Tell me in the comments down below!

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