8 Habits of Women with Homes that Are Always Organized

Written by Grace & Silas

Some women really run a tight home when it comes to keeping things organized. And how do they do it? Well here are some habits of women with homes that are always organized.

Throw out one junk item every day

Remember that box you’ve been keeping in the closet all this time? Yeah, you know the one. Throw it out. Let’s be honest, you’ll never use it. So make it a habit to find and throw out one such “maybe I’ll need it someday” item and you’ll start thinning out the clutter.

Store things vertically

We typically look for large spaces to store things but ignore tight and narrow spaces. Think vertically when storing stuff and you’ll find plenty of extra space that’s out of sight and still within reach.

Keep dirty clothes in a basket

As soon as the clothes come off, they either go in the basket or in the wardrobe. No more piles of clothes on the floor or hanging off chairs. If you have no room for a basket, use a plain plastic bag and tuck it in a vertical space.

Keep small items in jars

How many times have you lost a tiny pin or something else small and weren’t able to find it? Instead of cramming all those random doodads in a drawer, use a jar, which you’ll also be able to see into, helping you find whatever you’re after faster.

Clip your cables

Everyone has an electronic device and a charger to boot. Cables are running everywhere and, and if they’re running in awkward spots, they are a hassle to clean around. So coil excess cable and use cable clips to keep them in place.

Stock items according to the frequency of use

We often put our favorite plates front and center but we should put our most used plates first. Focus on efficiency, not appearances, and you’ll eventually reach the kind of organization Henry Ford envisioned for his factories. Also, group the same items together wherever you have space.

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Free up that drawer

We all have a drawer filled with mystery electrical parts, rusty screwdrivers, and so on. It’s valuable space being taken up by complete junk, so work through it one piece at a time.

Get cloth bags for shopping

We all have that one corner of the home that’s chock full of plastic bags “for just in case”. It’s time to get rid of them and use cloth bags that will serve you just fine.

If your house is in need of tidying, then give these tips a try! They’ll make your life so much easier!


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