7 Amazing Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

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Whether you’re on a budget or you just want to try something more intimate, there are so many great ideas for a romantic or fun night in.

Who says you have to always spend a lot of money and go out just to keep the relationship going? Well if anyone believes that… then I guess they have some issues to work through. But that’s not the point! The point is that you’re looking for some great stay at home date ideas that are creative and romantic… and maybe fun. So here are some suggestions on making a special night for two.



Want to do something a bit new and creative? Well this one is simple but playful and romantic. Find a cute basket or decorative bag and fill it up with items to make your romantic night in with him special. Buy a bottle of champagne or a favorite wine. Put in his and your favorite kind of chocolate or any other kind of sweet. Place in some scented candles, a romantic movie or an invitation to a home cooked meal at the dining table.

Have fun with this and think about the kind of things they like. They’ll know you’re being intentional and appreciate that you’re trying to make them feel loved… as well as desired.



Alright so you’ve probably heard this one over and over again. But seriously, it’s an important one!

Going back to being intentional, it’s a great way to let them know that you care about their desires. When they see that you’ve cooked an amazing meal that you know they like, your spouse is going to be amazed.

Set up the mood with some romantic music, some candles, and perhaps some wine or a great craft brew. Whatever makes the atmosphere intimate.



Here’s to the playful side of you both, you gotta let them come out at some point!

Alright, so here’s what you’re gonna do; if you have nerf guns, great. If you don’t, go buy some (they’re cheap anyhow). When your husband or wife comes in from work, have a note taped to the front door or in a place they’ll obviously see it.

Welcome them home on the note, then let him know two things. One: that the gun full of ammo is there’s. Two: that you have one as well, and he’s under attack. If you want, you can be a bit more playful and tell them that the loser gives a back massage or cooks dinner that night.



Have a roof? Great! Have a great view? Even better! Set up a blanket or some lawn chairs on the roof and a few snacks, maybe even a drink. Then invite him to watch the sunset or the stars. Use this as an opportunity to snuggle close to them with a blanket if it gets a bit chilly out. It’s a great way to just talk with no electronics and relax.



You think women are the only ones that need a spa? Think again. So many guys come home stressed from work or just plain tired.

You don’t necessarily have to put rose petals on the water, but you can light up the bathroom with some tealight candles everywhere (well… almost everywhere). Put out some products for men and yourself and treat each other to a nice soak while you apply soothing minerals or scrubs to your skin. You can also put on some music or talk… and things might just get intimate



Remember when you were a kid and you would make tents with blankets or forts with pillows and cushions? Well recreate those moments with your spouse. And the best part is, you’re an adult so you can make them bigger and better.

Drape a few blankets over some couches, a high lamp, and your chairs. Design it anyway you want, and then fill the inside with more blankets or perhaps just some pillows. Light it up with a few candles, or a soft lighted lamp, have some snack dishes, perhaps a couple drinks, and just talk the night away or cuddle in the warm atmosphere.



Hopefully it’s a late spring, summer, or an early fall when you read this. Or if you live in Southern California, then I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Set out a blanket and some pillows for extra cushioning, grab a couple of wine glasses and have a favorite red or white wine or even some sparkling cider if you don’t drink. Then just wrap yourselves up in blankets and cuddle or lean on each other as you talk and watch the stars above.

You can sit or lay in intimate silence as you stargaze. Or you can relate and talk to each other as you sip your drink. Either way it will be a relaxing and romantic date for the both you.



Extra Tip!

The blogger The Realistic Mama had a great idea for dates. She created something called a date jar.

All you need for it is a wide mouthed mason jar, some colored strips of paper and some great date ideas. Each color represents something different, such as yellow which represents stay at home date ideas like the ones above.

She gives a list of instructions and even a list of dates that you can use for your jar. Seriously, what a great idea.

Check out the full post here: www.therealisticmama.com/at-home-date-night-ideas/



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