The Brazilian Food Bucket List: 7 Brazilian Dishes to Try

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I’ve been pushing myself to create lists of different cuisines to try as my husband and I travel full-time.

Also, I want to be able to expand my culinary skills, and be able to make a lot of different ethnic foods myself (not just have them at a restaurant).

And the next bucket list I’m creating today is for Brazilian food!

I’ve been curious about it and it really does look good. 👍

So if you want to follow along, knock things of the list, and become a better cook too, then feel free to join me!

1. Pão de Queijo (Cheese Buns)

Photo by Litttle Nomad Recipes

Made with ingredients like cheese, eggs, and cassava flour (a type of root), I can just imagine these being super fluffy and crispy!

Also with a bit of a chewy texture and yummy cheesiness, I can’t wait to try them!

Here’s the recipe for these Brazilian cheese buns here!

2. Pé de Moleque (Brazilian Peanut Brittle)

Photo by The Cinnamon Jar

Now this looks like a great Brazilian recipe to try if you’re in the mood to make a dessert at home!

And with peanuts and caramelised sugar, I think this is going to satisfy my cravings for sweet and salty quite nicely. 👌

Grab the recipe Pé de Moleque here.

3. Coxinha (Brazilian Chicken Croquette)

Simple Living Recipes

Breaded dough wrapped around a tasty meat filling, and then deep fried. I honestly don’t know how you can say no to this one!

Here’s the recipe for Coxinha if you want to try it yourself!

4. Limonada Suíc (Brazilian Lemonade)

Photo by In the Kitch

Plain and simple, this is the Brazilian version of lemonade, except it’s made with limes and blended, which in my opinion, makes it better. 🤷‍♀️

You can see the full recipe for Limonada Suíc here.

5. Brazilian Fraldinha

Food by Carne Diem

Flank steak that’s been marinated in spices, herbs, and garlic, and then grilled. This sounds like it would be the perfect thing to make for a summer BBQ.

Also, it’s served with sides such as toasted cassava flour (farofa), and rice and beans. So if you want to have a more authentic experience, then you might want to try these dishes with it as well!

Here’s the recipe for Fraldinha.

6. Brazilian Feijoada

Food by Carne Diem

I love hearty and tasty stews, and this one made with ingredients like black beans, pork, and sausage, and served with sides like rice, sounds incredible right now.

Check out the recipe for Brazilian Feijoada here.

7. Brigadeiro

Photo by In the Kitchen

Now this looks like a great Brazilian dessert to try at home if you’re craving chocolate!

And being made with a mixture of cocoa powder, butter, and condensed milk, I don’t know how these couldn’t be good!

Here’s the recipe for Brigadeiro if you want to try it for dessert!

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