The Mexican Food Bucket List: 42 Authentic Mexican Recipes

Grace Moser

A photo of a plate of the Mexican food, tacos. There are four of them overlapping each other. And right by the tacos are a coffee drink and a cup of water.

After having lived in Mexico for over a year of my life, I’m going to be honest and say it’s probably my favorite ethnic cuisine.

Mexican food is filled with so many flavors and wonderful ingredients, and I don’t feel like the rest of the world can do it justice.

I’ve been to so many countries where the Mexican food was bland or just didn’t have the right kind of flavors. And while it can be better in America, there’s just something about going to Mexico and trying it from their local restaurants.

Or the food the friends you make in Mexico give you. ♥️

A photo of people enjoying a traditional Mexican meal together.

It’s just a completely different experience!

There’s just something about going to a local eatery and getting some Oxacan mole tamales and tasting the dark sweet rich flavors.

Or heading over to the street food carts and grabbing a savory hearty Pambazos, and finishing it off with sticky, flaky, sweet Buñuelos for dessert.

Basically what I’m saying is, if you ever go to Mexico, don’t just go for the resorts and cocktails. I’m not saying you’re bad if you do that, at all. But if you want a foodie Mexico experience, then it’s worth it!


So Why Did I Create this Bucket List?

I created this Mexican dish bucket list for 3 Reasons:

  1. I’ve been making bucket lists for different ethnic cuisines, but they have a purpose. I want to become a better cook, and have a more diverse experiences in the food I eat at home or when I travel. Basically, I really want to expand my culinary skills and my pallet.
  2. But it’s also for you too! Some of these things I’ve already had and want you to be able to try as well. But also, if you want to join along and do the same thing I’m doing, then I’m happy to help you out! 😊
  3. I think Mexican food deserves its own BIG spot light. It’s one of my favorite cuisines ever, and the more authentic experiences you get, the better!

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42 Authentic Mexican Recipes

This list of traditional Mexican food is something I’ll be updating whenever I try a new dish.

I’ll be giving person thoughts and notes ,which I hope will help you when you want to try the same recipes. 🙂

Side Note: I was very careful to do my research to make sure that all the recipes were truly authentic, BUT if you see any mistakes, then feel free to let me know!

1. Oaxacan Hot Chocolate

An image of a woman's hand holding up Mexican hot chocolate. It's in a cute Mexican mug and it's frothy on top.

I know we’ve all heard about Mexican hot chocolate, but one of the best versions you can probably have is Oaxacan hot chocolate!

Also, in my opinion, Oaxacan cuisine is probably the best regional food you can have in Mexico. And a lot of my friends in Mexico think the same. 👌

I remember trying out the Oaxacan restaurant, Zandunga, in Santiago de Queretaro (where I spend the majority of my time in Mexico). They had such good food, like their Oaxacan mole chilaquiles. But their hot chocolate was something I LOVED to get.

It was frothy, creamy, rich, and I could have drunk 5 mugs of it.

Also, when I told our friends about the incredible food I had that week, they asked me what region it was from. When we told them it was Oaxacan, they leaned back and went, “Oh… Oaxacan food.” They were jealous. 😂

So basically, if you ever see a restaurant serving this type of cuisine, don’t hold back, just go.

Here’s a recipe that uses Oaxacan chocolate specifically! 🙂

2. Tostadas

An overhead shot of Mexican tostadas. The tostadas are topped with fresh tuna, queso fresco, and avocado.

Tostadas are one of my favorite parts of Mexican cuisine. And if you’re looking for a good Mexican dish, then this is it!

There are so many options you can try when it comes to toppings, and you can make it as flavorful as you want.

Basically, tostadas are crispy crunchy hard corn tortillas that you top with different ingredients. And if you want a simple dinner idea, then this is perfect!

Here’s my Tostada Recipe that I got from a local restaurant in Mexico, but if you want to make sure it’s truly authentic, then give this tostada recipe from Pati Jinich a try. It looks good. 👌

3. Mexican Street Corn

A photo of a woman's hand holding up Mexican street corn. It's smothered in mayo, cheese, and red chili powder.

It’s so easy and so good!

And while this might not be the best photo I could have taken, you still need to try it. 😂

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sweet corn
  • Mayo
  • Chili powder
  • Cotija cheese

All you have to do is spread some mayo over the corn, then top with Cotija cheese and chili powder. That’s it. I know it sounds a bit different, but when you try it, the flavor combination is amazing!

Also, it’s such an easy recipe to make, so if you want an authentic Mexican recipe and you want something quick, then this is great.

Oh, one more thing!

When I was in Mexico and I would get this from one of the street vendors, they also had the option for getting a cup of corn and mixing the ingredients into the cup. So you don’t necessarily have to have corn on the cob to try this. 🙂

4. Mexican Street Tacos

A photo of someone holding up three Mexican street tacos on a to-go plate. It shows three small corn tortillas topped with colorful meat and cilantro. And there's a lime on the plate as well.

I LOVE Mexican street tacos.

The meat is so flavorful and juicy and when it’s topped with some lime, salsa, and cilantro, you have an incredible meal!

Like I could eat probably 20 or 30 of them and not feel guilty.

Oh and if you’re ever in Mexico, then don’t ever think of passing them up, they’re so SO good. 👍

Here’s a video of the tacos we got in Mexico City, there was such a big crowd!

Mexican Taco Recipe

5. Tacos de Canasta

An overhead photo of tacos de canasta which is a steamed-like Mexican taco recipe.

I am addicted tacos de canasta, (or basket tacos)!

They’re tacos filled with many different types of fillings (potatoes, chorizo, eggs, beef, etc.) that have been steamed with spiced oil and held in a hot basket to keep its warm and freshness.

And if you ever run into a place that makes tacos de canasta, then run to it! You need to try these!

The photo above is one I took after having gone on a tacos de canasta run with my friend. I think we ordered around 30 of them to go (that’s not a joke).

Tacos de Canasta Recipe

6. Mulitas

A photo of a woman's hand pulling a part a thick corn tortilla that's filled with cheese and meat. This image is for the Mexican recipe, mulitas.

Mulitas are very similar to quesadillas, but one of the main differences is that they’re made with corn tortillas. And I personally feel like corn tortillas are way better tasting!

There’s so much more flavor and while I didn’t make this specific recipe, I have made something very similar and it tastes incredible!

Also, just look at how thick those tortillas are, and that cheese and meat looks like it would taste incredible! 🤩

Grilled Mulitas Recipe

7. Oaxacan Quesadilla

A photo of four Mexican quesadillas that have been folded over, on a white plate.

Ok, so is this my photo?


It’s a stock photo, because when I had the opportunity to take a photo of it, I was too hungry and wasn’t thinking about it.

But here’s how my friend in Mexico taught me to make it:

  1. Heat up a pan on medium heat.
  2. Put a bit of oil on the pan.
  3. Put your corn tortilla on the pan and let it cook for maybe 30 seconds.
  4. Break off some Oaxacan cheese and put it inside the tortilla.
  5. Fold the single tortilla in half, and grill on both sides.
  6. Once the cheese is melty, and the tortilla is browned and crispy to your liking, take off and eat.
  7. That’s it!

Now if you’re curious about Oaxacan cheese, it’s a super mild, creamy, and delicious Mexican cheese that I highly recommend!

And if you’re looking for it at a store, you’ll want to look for this sort of wrap braided-style cheese.

Here’s an image of it down below.

And this one actually is my photo. 😂

An overhead shot of a white plate holding meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and hummus. It also shows Oaxacan cheese on it.

8. Salsa Quemada

A closeup image of a woman holding a chip that's been dipped into the Mexican salsa called Salsa Quemada. The salsa is a rich red color and filled with tomatoes and other veggies.

I had so many good salsas in Mexico, and if you want a bit of that in your home, then I would give this recipe a try.

It’s made with super simple and easy to get ingredients like tomatoes, cilantro, and garlic. Oh and the ingredients are roasted, giving the salsa what sounds like a really nice flavor!

And if you’re curious, then here’s the recipe for Salsa Quemada that I had originally put in this post, but if you want something that’s a bit more authentic, then give this recipe for Salsa Quemada a try. 🙂

9. Pozole Rojo 

An overhead image of pozole which is a Mexican dark red broth soup. It shows a spoon that's been dipped into the soup and there are pieces of meat and other ingredients in the soup as well.

I can also attest that Mexican soups are some of the best soups around!

My personal favorite being sopa azteca. 👌

They’re packed with tons of flavor and this Pozole Rojo is made with delicious ingredients like pork shoulder, garlic, chilis, onion, and so much more!

I think it makes for the perfect comforting dinner on a cold night!

Pozole Rojo Recipe

10. Huevos Rancheros

An overhead shot of traditional Mexican huevos rancheros. It shows eggs on top of corn tortillas and then topped with a red sauce. There's also a side of refried beans on the side and tortilla chips as well.

It really is such a simple and delicious dish to make.

But, it’s also one that has been redone many times in non-traditional ways. And while that’s fine and can still taste pretty good, we’re not here for the new renditions, we’re here for the traditional. 👍

So if you want to try the traditional version, then I would definitely give this huevos rancheros recipe a try!

I mean, look at how good it looks! 😭

11. Red Pork Tamales

A photo of Mexican tamales stacked on each other on a pretty metal dish.

Tamales are one of my favorite Mexican food recipes to eat. And if you’re ever in Mexico, then I would highly suggest trying their Oaxacan mole tamales. 👌

But with that aside, if you’re wanting a comforting dinner and excited to try new cooking techniques, then this would be a great recipe for you!

Red Pork Tamales

12. Albondigas Soup

An image of Albondigas Soup, which is a Mexican meatball soup recipe. The photo shows meatballs and different cut up veggies in a pretty orange broth.

This Mexican meatball soup looks so cozy and comforting!

With all the meat, veggies, and flavor-packed broth, I can just see myself sitting down on a cold night and enjoying a big bowl of it.

You know, the kind where you probably served yourself way to much, but you don’t really care. 🤷‍♀️

13. Tacos de Camaron

An overhead shot of the Mexican recipe, tacos de camaron, which are shrimp tacos. There are three tacos on a wooden board, topped with jalapeños.

Camaron simply just means shrimp, and if you couldn’t tell by the photos, these are shrimp tacos. 😂

And I feel like if you want a really tasty, but also a really simple taco recipe, then this will definitely hit the spot.

One important thing to note: There’s just something about Mexican recipes with fresh seafood, so I would definitely make sure the shrimp you get at the store is fresh!

Also, the spices for these tacos sound so good; I honestly can’t wait to try these myself!

Tacos de Camaron Recipe


14. Huevos Ahogados

A photo of Huevos Ahogados which is a Mexican egg dish. The eggs are in a bowl and swimming in a red sauce and topped with cheese. Also, there's a side of white beans on the side of the bowl.

Translating out as drowned eggs, this Mexican breakfast recipe looks SO good!

With garlic, chipotles in adobo sauce, fresh tomatoes, and other delicious ingredients, I could see myself eating a big bowl of this!

Also, it looks like it would go great with queso fresco and maybe some avocado, but that’s just me. 🤷‍♀️

Huevos Ahogados Recipe

15. Pambazos

A photo the Mexican sandwich, Pambazos. It shows bread that's been dipped in a red sauce and grilled, and then stuffed with many delicious ingredients.

I cannot tell you ENOUGH how much you need to try pambazos!

The sandwich bread has been dipped in a garlicky yummy sauce, then fried in a pan, and THEN stuffed with tons of tasty ingredients.

I remember getting mine from a street food vendor in Queretaro.

They stuffed there’s with potatoes, meat, cream cheese, and other delicious ingredients. It was so satisfying!

You need to try these!

Pambazos Recipe

16. Chicken Tinga

An overhead photo of tostadas that have been topped with chicken tinga and a cream sauce. This is a Mexican shredded chicken recipe.

Ok, if you’re looking for a meat recipe where it’s soaked in yummy ingredients, and you can put on so many different things (tacos, tostadas, chilaquiles, etc.), then chicken tinga is probably for you.

And with ingredients like different chiles, garlic, and olive oil, this really does sound like a great way to make chicken and use it throughout the week.

Chicken Tinga Recipe

17. Beef Chile Pasado

An overhead shot of the Mexican meal, Beef Chile Pasado. It shows a stew-like beef dish with a side of black beans that have been topped with thinly shredded cheese.

Pasado is essentially the process of roasting and drying out the chiles you use in this recipe.

Do you have to do that yourself?

No. You can get them like that at the store, but I believe it’s going to make for a more fun and tasty flavor!

So if you want a hearty beef dinner, then this Mexican recipe is probably a great place to start!

Beef Chile Pasado Recipe

18. Mexican Rice Pudding

An image of Mexican rice pudding. It shows a closeup photo of a dessert glass holding rice pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

I love rice pudding! It’s so refreshing and delicious.

But the Mexican version sounds pretty darn good!

With cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, and condensed and whole milk, this is going to be one rich and delicious recipe! 👌

Mexican Rice Pudding

19. Pork Carnitas

An image of the Mexican food, pork carnitas. It shows a closeup photo of a person holding a taco and there's tasty looking pork inside.

Remember how I talked about how chicken tinga was a great way to prep meat for the rest of the week?

I honestly think the same way about this Mexican pork carnitas recipe.

I mean just imagine prepping a large batch of this super flavorful recipe, and then being able to quickly take it out of the fridge and have it with tostadas, tacos, or whatever else you’re craving. 🤷‍♀️

Pork Carnitas Recipe

20. Horchata

A photo of Mexican horchata. It's a white drink in a stout glass, with a metal straw sticking out of it. There's also cinnamon sprinkled on top.

I LOVE horchata!

It’s so refreshing, delicious, and good!

It’s a rice cinnamon drink and it’s prefect for a hot summer’s day. ☀️

Or anytime of the year honestly.

Pro Tip: When I was in Mexico City, I had horchata caliente (hot horchata), and it was so incredible! It was thick, creamy, cinnamony, and the perfect comfort drink.

We had it at place called, Casa Churra Uruguay, and if you want to try it yourself, then I’d check out this horchata caliente recipe.

Just know that I haven’t tried this recipe personally, but it sounds good! Also, you’ll need to have your Google Translate extension on since it’s in Spanish. 🙂

Horchata Recipe

21. Frijoles Puercos Sinaloa Refried Beans

A photo of the Mexican food, Frijoles Puercos Sinaloa Refried Beans. It shows an overhead shot of a cast iron skillet of refried beans, mixed with multiple ingredients, and topped with lime, a jalapeño, and some tortilla strips dipped into it.

If you haven’t had Sinaloa chorizo, then I think you need to try it very soon!

It’s so good and flavorful, and thankfully, this recipe gives you a chance to try it.

Also, it has ingredients like bacon, cheese, jalapeños, and garlic, so if you want something super flavorful and savory, then this is it!

One last thing, this recipe calls for Monterey Jack Cheese, and while that isn’t bad, I would suggest using something a bit more traditional like Oaxacan cheese.

Frijoles Puercos Sinaloa Refried Beans Recipe

22. Pan de Elote

An image of the Mexican corn bread recipe, pan de elote. it show three pieces, cut into squares, and stacked on top of each other.

Corn bread is already a delicious comfort food you can have with soup, so I can only imagine how good the Mexican version of this recipe is.

I mean sweet corn bread with cinnamon? Yes, I need this now. 👌

Pan de Elote Recipe

23. Authentic Guacamole

An overhead shot of authentic Mexican guacamole. It shows the guac mixed with veggies, and topped with jalapeño, lime, and some chips on the side.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had guacamole at some point, but I think it’s important to have an authentic version of this essential Mexican recipe.

Also, it’s not hard and all the ingredients honestly sound pretty darn good!

Except for the onion, I’m not a fan of raw onion in my guac, but that probably just means I need to grow up. 😂

Authentic Guacamole Recipe

24. Authentic Salsa Verde

A photo of a mason jar holding freshly made salsa verde. It's a Mexican salsa that is very delicious and a bright green.

There’s just something about having delicious fresh salsa for your recipes.

I’ve found that if you have incredible salsas at your disposal, you can kind of turn any dinner into a more fun and flavorful experience.

So even if you eat the same dinner 5 nights in a row, it’s ok, at least you have tasty salsas that make it more fun and change up the flavors. 🤷‍♀️

Seriously, invest in good salsas like this one, it looks really tasty! Not the chunky sugary salsas that us Americans are used to. 😂

Salsa Verde Recipe

25. Menudo

A photo of Menudo, which is a Mexican way of making tripe soup. it shows an overhead shot of a bowl holding the soup, and topped with onions, herbs, and half a lime.

Menudo is a soup with beef tripe, or cow’s stomach.

And before you go, “Wait, no, I don’t think so,” I promise you, tripe isn’t bad!

If you cook it in tasty recipes, it can be pretty delicious and fun to eat.

Also, it’s just a great way to try new things and broaden your palate!

Menudo Recipe

26. Beef Birria de Res

A photo of Beef Birria de Res, which is a Mexican way of cook beef. The image shows the meat in a bowl, surrounded by delicious juices and topped with onion and herbs.

Ok, if you want a recipe where the beef has been simmering in a delicious and flavorful broth for hours and falls right off the bones, then I think you need to try this one.

Also, with brisket, peppers, and a lot of flavorful spices, I think it’s kind of hard to say no to this one!

Beef Birria de Res


27. Birria Tacos (Quesabirria Tacos)

An image of Mexican Birria Tacos. It's a closeup photo of tacos with corn tortillas filled with meat and cheese and that's been dipped in a sauce.

Ok, you know what you can do with that birria meat you just saw above?

Make it into these tacos.

Oh, and then put cheese in it, and serve it with a consommé that you dip the tacos in. And that consommé comes from the juices of the cooked the meat.

I’m sorry, but I need to eat these soon because they sound so incredible!

Birria Tacos Recipe

28. Authentic Salsa Macha

An image of a woman's hand holding a spoon that's just been dipped in a dark red Mexican salsa. The spoon is holding that sauce as well.

I remember having salsa macha for the first time a few months ago when I was living in Mexico.

We had gone to this incredible seafood restaurant and they brought out this free starter of their homemade chips and tasty salsas.

Oh, and these weren’t just normal tortilla chips that you get in a lot of American Mexican restaurants, these were some artisanal chips with a ton of tangy savory spices sprinkled all over and it was incredible. 👌

But with that aside (sorry about that 😂), I tried the salsa macha they had, and it was one of my favorites!

It was this flaky chili oily salsa with peanuts and I really loved the flavors! Definitely worth the try!

Salsa Macha Recipe

29. Entomatadas

An image of Entomatadas, a Mexican stuffed corn tortilla recipe. They look like tacos, and there are multiple of them on a plate and smothered in a red sauce. It's also topped with red onions, cilantro, crema, and cheese.

If you want meat stuffed corn tortillas that are smothered in a delicious red sauce, because who doesn’t want that, then entomatadas might be a good option for you.

Oh also, it’s topped with cheese and Mexican crema which means it’s gonna be really good!

And if you don’t know what Mexican crema is, it’s basically like sour cream except way more creamy, and way less sour. Oh, and not as thick.

It’s kind of its own thing, but that’s the closest thing I could think of to compare it to. 🤷‍♀️


30. Mole Poblano

A closeup image of the Mexican recipe, mole. It shows a chicken breast that's been smothered in mole and topped with white sesame seeds.

@PatiJinich at

Mole is one of my favorites!

I remember going to this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant when I was eleven.

I asked the waiter what mole was and he explained to me that it was a Mexican sauce made with chocolate. So being a chocolate lover, I obviously said yes.

And I’ve loved it ever since!

Mole Poblano

31. Agua de Tamarindo

An image of the Mexican drink, Agua de Tamarindo. It shows a closeup image of a glass with ice and an orange drink inside of it.

Agua de Tamarindo is so good! It’s one of my favorite refreshing drinks to have on a hot day.

And it’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s this tangy sweet drink made with the pods from the tamarind tree. Also, it’s pretty simple, only three ingredients!

I definitely recommend it!

Agua de Tamarindo

32. Buñuelos

A photo of the Mexican recipe, Buñuelos. It shows a closeup image of a flaky bubbly pastry-like dessert that's been deep fried. And on top, a delicious syrup has been poured.

@PatiJinich at

I remember the first time I had Buñuelos.

I was at the street vendors and saw this stack of thin flaky and bubbly looking flat pastry-like dessert, stacked high.

And if I remember correctly, when I ordered it, they were fried again, and broken up into smaller pieces. Then they poured this sugary syrup that had passion fruit and other delicious ingredients in it.

I was kind of sad I hadn’t had it sooner. 😅

And if this sounds good to you, then I’d definitely try it out! It’s so good!

Buñuelos Recipe

33. Pan de Polvo

A photo of the Mexican cookie, pan de polvo. It shows small circle biscuit-like cookies all on a wooden serving tray. They're almost white and coated in a sugary cinnamon mixture.

I love shortbread cookies and these Mexican ones sound so good!

They’re flaky, sweet, and cinnamony, so if you’re looking for some delicate looking delicious cookies to have with your coffee, then I think these will be a fun dessert to make this week.

Pan de Polvo Recipe

34. Carne Guisada (Mexican Beef Stew)

A photo of the Mexican food, Carne Guisada. It shows a bowl of a stew-like meal, filled with meat, potatoes, and veggies. And behind the bowl is a red bell pepper and potato.

A traditional recipe taken from her husband’s family, this hearty carne guisada recipe sounds like a great dinner recipe!

I mean it’s kind of hard to go wrong with beef, lots of tasty veggies, and of course, plenty of good spices. 🤷‍♀️

Carne Guisada

35. Churros

An image of Mexican churros, laying on parchment paper. One piece is dipped in chocolate and there's a small bowl filled with chocolate sauce.

Churros are such a great dessert and they tasty especially good when you have the right dipping sauces.

Sauces like dulce de leche or chocolate.

And if you’re new to them, they’re essentially fried dough with sugar and cinnamon and they’re super fun to eat!


36. Fresas Con Crema

A photo of Fresas Con Crema, which is a Mexican dessert. The image shows two dessert glasses filled with cut up strawberries, and a sweet thick creamy sauce on top.

I read over the ingredients for this recipe, and I need it soon!

It has things like sweetened condensed milk and Mexican crema, so I can only imagine just how rich and delicious this dessert is!

Fresas Con Crema

37. Tacos Al Pastor

A photo of tacos al pastor, which is a tasty Mexican recipe. It shows three tacos on a colorful plate. They're opened up to show colorful meat and veggies on top of the corn tortillas.

I love getting tacos al pastor on the street!

It’s fun just standing there, waiting for them to get your tacos. You surrounded by incredible smells, the heat of the grill, and the sound of other people who are also waiting and talking with each other.

And they’re always so juicy, tender, and full of flavor!

Also, when you pair them with lime and salsa, it’s this incredible explosion of flavor in your mouth.

So, if you want to make something super special at home this week, then this might be a fun Mexican recipe to try!

Tacos Al Pastor

38. Cochinita Pibil

An image for the Mexican recipe, Cochinita Pibil. It shows a photo of a black pot holding spiced pork that's been partially unwrapped from banana leaves.

I thought this recipe sounded super interesting and delicious!

It’s basically a tender cut of pork, wrapped in banana leaves, and traditionally cooked in an underground oven or pit.

Of course, there are other methods for cooking it, but if you want to experiment this summer, then I think it’s worth trying!

Side Note: The cook goes into other ways to cook it in the link to the recipe below.

Cochinita Pibil

39. Sonora Style Carne Asada Tacos

A photo of a Mexican recipe for Sonora style carne asada tacos. It shows a white plate holding a grilled flour tortilla, and some meat, veggies, and guacamole on top.

@PatiJinich at

If you want yet another reason to make tacos, because who doesn’t, then these Sonora style carne asada tacos should be on your list.

It’s just a fun way to vary up this traditional food and use ingredients from the state of sonora. 😊

Sonora Style Carne Asada Tacos

40. Arroz Rojo (Authentic Mexican Red Rice)

A photo of the Mexican dish, red rice in a blue bowl.

I feel like since many of us have grown up with the American version of Mexican red rice, it’s only right to put the authentic version of it on this Mexican food bucket list.

I mean why not try the traditional true flavors of this dish? I’m sure it’s going to be incredible!

Arroz Rojo Recipe


41. Flan

A photo of traditional Mexican flan. It shows a photo of a pie server, holding a piece of flan out from the whole flan it was cut from.

If you haven’t had true Mexican flan, then you need to try it right away!

I remember the first time I had it in Mexico, it was kind of silly. 😅

My husband and I were on a date at a nice restaurant, and when we ordered dessert, my husband got the flan.

I tried talking him out of it since I grew up with the boxed rubby-pudding mix version, but he didn’t listen, and I was so glad he didn’t!

In fact, when I tried what he had, it was one of the best things I ever tasted! And I also wanted to steal his dessert. 😂

It was pudding-like, but a bit caky too. And the flavors were rich and sweet, not watery.

So I would definitely recommend trying the traditional version of this amazing Mexican dessert! ♥️

Flan Recipe

42. Flan de Elote

A photo of the Mexican recipe, flan de elote. There's a plate with a round custard like dessert, and two plates, with a slice on each. There's a caramel sauce on top, and a few kernels of corn on the dessert.

I read the description for this Mexican recipe, and this dessert sounds incredible!

I mean with ingredients like cream cheese, condensed milk, and a sweet and toasted caramel sauce, I feel like it’s going to super rich and delicious!

Flan de Elote Recipe

Mexican Food FAQ

A photo of an old Mexican street with pink blooming flours against a pink wall, a flag stoned street, colorful buildings, and a sunset. It's a photo that represents the country Mexican food came from.

Now that we have some incredible authentic Mexican food for you to try, I thought I’d go into some helpful answers on some frequently asked questions.

And if you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to ask me in the comments! 🙂

Is traditional Mexican food healthy?

It depends!

Like any traditional cuisine, there are healthy and unhealthy dishes, so it’s just important to look through the list of ingredients and see if it works for you.

But here are some good recommendations for healthy Mexican foods to try:

  • Seafood Ceviche
  • Sopa Azteca
  • Tacos de Camaron
  • Pozole
  • Fajitas

Also, when making some of these traditional Mexican recipes, you might want to just alter the ingredients. So maybe you use a little bit less salt, or add some extra veggies.

It’s up to you!

What is Mexico’s main meal?

Comida is their main meal of the day, and it’s their lunch. It takes place around 2-4PM and is also the heaviest meal of the day.

Of course, it varies per region on what they eat, but from what I’ve read, it can consist of soups, meats, tortillas, beans, and other dishes.

What are the 3 Most Famous Mexican Foods?

Now the answers for this one vary, so this is going to be my opinion, based on what I’ve been able to see.

The three most famous Mexican foods that I’ve seen after traveling to many countries around the world would be these dishes:

  1. Burritos
  2. Tacos
  3. Tamales

What do Mexicans eat daily?

Ok, this one is a difficult answer since Mexico is a HUGE country.

What people eat is going to be diverse, but I think we can at least list out some main staples we see commonly in Mexico.

So here’s a list of a few common ingredients and meals Mexicans eat daily:

  • Flour and corn tortillas
  • Beans of various types
  • Salsas
  • Eggs
  • Rice
  • Chilis
  • Onions
  • Tacos
  • Tortas
  • Soup
  • Different meats such as steak, pork, or chicken.

What is special about Mexican Food?

There are so many beautiful elements to Mexican cuisine that make it special.

First is that there are pre-hispanic techniques, recipes, and ingredients that make the dishes so flavorful and unique.

But on top of that, there is just this beautiful process and care they put into their recipes.

Yes, some recipes are quick and simple, but there are many where it takes awhile to make the meal. And when you put a lot of time into a recipe, the results can be incredible!

And on top of that, we have hundreds of years of traditions passed down to come to the flavorful Mexican food we have today.

Mexican cuisine really is its own thing, so if you haven’t dived too deep into it, then I really recommend doing so. It’s wonderful. ♥️

I really hope this list of Mexican recipes was a great place for you to find new types of foods to try!

I really do want you to get the best of Mexican food!

And I know that you’re going to have a lot of fun trying these different meals, so please let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear all about it!

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