The Cuban Food Bucket List: 10 Cuban Dishes You Should Probably Try this Week

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I have so many ethnic cuisines that I need to try!

I started to create bucket lists of foods from different countries this year, and Cuban food is next!

It really is a great idea to level up your cooking skills, but it can also be super fun to just expand your palette! There are so many incredible dishes to try around the world, and I know that Cuban food is going to be amazing. 👌

And if you want to get better at cooking and trying new foods as well, then feel free to join me on checking off these bucket lists! 🙂


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1. Cuban Picadillo

Cuban Picadillo combines ground beef with an amazing combination of spices, olives, and raisins, creating an amazing blend of sweet and savory.

I think this one is definitely worth trying this week!

Cuban Picadillo Recipe

2. Mojo Chicken

Ok, let’s talk about Cuban Mojo Chicken.

This dish is all about that tangy, citrusy marinade that just makes this dish amazing. It looks like it’s got this great balance of flavors that’ll make your evening just that much better. 👌

Also, if you want an authentic Mojo Marinade Recipe, this one seems to be very traditional. And, if you also want the chicken recipe to go with it, then here’s a mojo chicken recipe you can try at home.

3. Ropa Vieja

Tender, shredded beef simmered in a rich tomato sauce, infused with vibrant spices. I need to be trying this one very soon, and knocking it off my list!

Ropa Vieja Recipe

4. Maduros

Ripe plantains are turned into this amazingly golden perfection, with a satisfying crispiness and soft inside.

I’ve had fried plantains so many times, and they are so good, but I look forward to trying the Cuban version. 😊

Maduros Recipe

5. Boliche

Tender beef roast stuffed with chorizo, garlic, and peppers, creating amazing flavors that you probably should try.

Also, when there’s some wine in the sauce, it’s make it taste just that much better. 👍 Can’t wait to try this one!

Boliche Recipe

6. Potaje de Garbanzo

If you’re hungry, then I think this hearty Cuban chickpea stew will probably hit the spot.

With a combination of vegetables, chorizo, wine, and yummy spices, this dish is probably gonna be a great idea!

Potaje de barbanzo Recipe

7. Frijoles Negros

Black beans cooked with garlic, onions, and bell pepper, and amazing spices; this is a great one to try as a side for your dinner.

Frijoles Negros Recipe

8. Pan con Lechón

A super tasty Cuban pork sandwich that’s probably great for when you’re on the go!

I’ve never been much of a sandwich person, but I’ve found that sandwiches in different hispanic countries are on another level, and this one looks amazing!

Pan con Lechón Recipe

9. Vaca Frita

Basically, an amazing symphony of textures and aromas, this Cuban recipe has juicy shredded beef, marinated in incredible spices.

Then it’s pan-fried until it develops an amazing crust, and gives you an amazing meal. Definitely worth try!

Vaca Frita Recipe

10. Masas de Cerdo Frita

Fried pork chunks, lightly seasoned, and served with sautéed onion; it sounds like the perfect comfort food that I’d find myself eating all the time!

Masas de Cerdo Frita Recipe

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  1. Hi Silas & Grace,

    Thanks so much for recommending my food blog, I really appreciate it! The other two blogs mentioned are great too and I enjoy many of their recipes.

    You picked some great Cuban recipes for your bucket list. I would also suggest congri (black beans and rice), lechon asado (roast pork) and a Cuban sandwich made with pork, ham, cheese and pickles. These are fan favorites 🙂


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