The Chilean Food Bucket List: 10 Chilean Dishes Worth Trying

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Since my husband and I travel full-time, I’ve been working on creating bucket lists of foods I need to try while on the road.

But these are also dishes I want to be able to make at home myself, and use them to help expand my culinary skills.

And next up on the list is Chilean food!

I’ve been curious about the incredible Chilean menu for awhile now, so I’m going to be covering it this time.

And if you want to try new cuisines and level up in your cooking skills too, then feel free to follow along and knock foods off the list with me!

1. Humitas

Photo by Larisa Blinova via Getty Images

Almost reminding me of tamales (which they aren’t), these are made with ground choclo and other delicious spices and fillings. Then they’re steamed or boiled in corn husks until they’re soft and ready to eat.

I can’t wait to try these!

2. Crudo Valdiviano

Photo by Larisa Blinova via Getty Images

Coming from the city of Valdvia, this dish is made up of raw beef that’s been thinly sliced and marinated in lemon juice.

And it also comes with other spices and toppings, so I’m very curious about this raw meat dish!

3. Huevos Revueltos

Photo by Rimmabondarenko via Canva

This Chilean version of scrambled eggs looks like a seriously comforting breakfast!

Also, when scrambled eggs are made with spices like cumin, mixed with tasty veggies, and served with things like bread, sausages, and avocados, I just don’t know why I wouldn’t try these. 👌

4. Cazuela

Iblinova via Canva

This Chilean stew is made with a lot of tasty ingredients!

Here’s what you’re probably going to find:

  • Beef
  • Corn
  • Pumpkin
  • Potatoes
  • Chicken
  • Pork

And of course, a lot more delicious ingredients! So give this recipe a try on a cold evening.

5. Sopaipilla

Made with ingredients like pumpkin, flour, cinnamon, and other spices, you get this golden deep fried delicious meal.

Also, it’s something you can get on the street, so it might just be an easy and tasty snack while exploring Chile!

6. Churrasco Italiano

A tasty Chilean sandwich made up of thinly sliced beef that’s been grilled, and topped with things like avocados, mayo, veggies, and more. This will be one satisfying lunch!

7. Empenada

Photo by GMvozd via Getty Images

I LOVE empanadas, so I’m more than happy to try the Chilean version!

And from what I’ve read, it’s made with ingredients like beef, hard-boiled eggs, black olives, and veggies.

But instead of being deep fried, it’s baked until golden and can be eaten on the go! It sounds so good!

8. Pastel de Choclo

Photo by Larisa Blinova via Getty Images

A baked Chilean dish that sounds so good!

Being savory and a little sweet, it’s made with a filling of meat, onions, eggs, sweet corn paste, and other tasty ingredients.

This one is high up on my list!

9. Chorrillana

Photo by Marcela Vieira via Getty Images

This Chilean dish looks like MY kind of food. 😂

Made with French fries, beef, sautéed onions, and fried eggs, I can’t imagine this being bad. Also, it can be paired with mayo which probably gives it a nice creaminess.

10. Prietas con Papas Cocidas

Photo by Larisa Blinova via Getty Images

A dish made with blood sausage and boiled potatoes, this sounds incredibly hearty!

I’ve had blood sausage in England and Portugal before and loved it, so I can’t wait to try the Chilean version!

Also, I know blood sausage sounds a bit different, but trust me, it’s really good. 👍

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