The Colombian Food Bucket List: 10 Authentic Colombian Recipes

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Colombian food is one of my favorite cuisines!

Is it super healthy? It can be, but the meals I’ve had aren’t that great for you, but they do taste pretty darn good. 😉 

And if you’re curious about trying something a bit new, and you’re craving recipes that are SUPER flavorful, then this is exactly what you need this week!


Plain and simple, these are like corn tortillas but super thick and delicious.

You can top them with quesito (fresh cheese), cut them open to put in other tasty ingredients, or just eat them as is.

It’s up to you, just know that they’re super tasty! 😊 

Arepa Recipe

Ajiaco Soup

I remember when my husband and I got invited to our Airbnb host’s family home and they made SO many dishes!

And this was one of them. This was back in 2019, but I do remember it having a nice flavor and being super hearty.

So if you’re wanting something comforting and good, then this might a nice Colombian recipe to try!

Ajiaco Soup Recipe

Colombian Empenadas

Empanadas were EVERYWHERE when we were in Medellin, Colombia!

You can get them at restaurants or on the street, but they’re all so flavorful and satisfying. đŸ™‚

Colombian Empanadas Recipe

Bandeja Paisa (Colombian Platter)

Paisa is such an incredible dish to get!

It’s filled with so many different types of foods like chicharrĂ³n (fried pork belly), fried plantains, chorizo, avocado, and so much more!

It’s something you definitely want to try!

Bandeja Paisa Recipe

Colombian Tamales

Filled with pork belly, potatoes, and so many other tasty ingredients, I think the Colombia version of tamales is worth a try!

Colombian Tamales

Colombian Natilla

Creamy and spiced with different ingredients, this flan-like dessert looks like a refreshing and flavorful Colombian recipe to try this week!

Colombian Natilla Recipe

Pan De Coco

Described as rich, pillowy, and soft, this bread with a brown sugar caramelized top looks like an incredible dessert to have with a bit of butter and maybe a hot cup of coffee. 👍 ☕️ 

Pan De Coco

Colombian Fruit Salad

This is the kind of dessert you have when you want something super sweet, but you also don’t want to feel completely guilty about the ingredients.

So try this Colombian fruit salad recipe topped with sweetened condensed milk, cheese, and so much more!

Colombian Fruit Salad Recipe

Torta Negra Colombiana (Colombian Black Cake)

A spiced tasty cake made with rum and ruby port wine; I think this might be a great recipe to try during the holidays…  or at any time of the year honestly!

Torta Negra Colombiana Recipe

Colombian Hot Dogs

I never tried this when I was in Colombia, but apparently you can get tasty hot dogs topped with so many different things.

Like they have a LOT of options.

So the next time I’m going to Colombia, this might just be something I give a try!

Colombian Hot Dogs Recipe

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