Mexican Desserts Bucket List: 6 Mexican Dessert Recipes That Look Absolutely Perfect

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I’m super excited to share some incredible looking and (actually) authentic Mexican dessert recipes with you.

Exploring different cuisines is such an amazing way to try new and beautiful traditional recipes, and level up in culinary skills. That’s the whole reason why I create a series on bucket lists for ethnic cuisines.

And if you want to join me and level up too, then I’d be happy to have you. 🙂

Also, these recipes really do look like they’re worth making (right away), so let’s try them together!

Pan de Muerto

Let’s talk about Pan de Muerto, a traditional bread that’s eaten during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

This sweet and fluffy bread is coated with sugar, and probably has amazing aromas of orange zest.

I could totally imagine myself making this on a cold fall evening and enjoying it with a hot cup of creamy coffee. ☕️ Also, I bet my home would smell amazing. 👌

Can’t wait to give this one a try!

Pan de Muerto Recipe

Arroz Con Leche

If it’s cold out, then think it’s time to get ready and cozy up with a bowl of Arroz con Leche. And if it’s hot out, then this would probably be great for summer evening desserts or picnics.

Being a creamy rice pudding that has amazing flavors of cinnamon and vanilla, it honestly sounds like a great recipe to treat yourself with this week. 👍

Arroz Con Leche Recipe


Mexican flan has this incredible smoothness to it.

It’s this awesome caramely custard that’s basically the perfect way to end the night.

It also has this nice silky, delicate texture and it’s super hard to stop eating!

I think this would be so much fun to serve to your friends if you’re having a dinner party. But hey, there’s no shame in enjoying a slice all by yourself too!

Flan Recipe


Picture this: golden and crispy churros, with a soft and doughy center, all coated in a delightful cinnamon sugar blend. Who could resist such a treat? These bad boys are not just for breakfast – they’re perfect for any occasion. Imagine serving them up as a sweet surprise after a dinner party or enjoying them with a hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. Get ready for a tasty adventure!”

Churros Recipe

Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches cake is kind of an amazing experience for people who have a real sweet tooth.

This cake is super moist, almost velvety, thanks to being soaked in three different types of milk.

Also, it’s the kind of dessert that makes any get-together feel a bit more special, but honestly, you don’t need an occasion to make and eat this amazing Mexican dessert!

Calabaza en Tacha Recipe


These thin, crispy discs of fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar are kind of like happiness on a plate.

Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or not, they’re just worth eating year round (in my experience)!

But if you do want to make them for the holidays, then they really are the perfect addition to your menu.

Buñelos Recipe

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