8 Laundry Room Organization Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try

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Let’s be honest, laundry rooms can be one of the least creative rooms or the messiest. It’s easy to overlook it and not pay it much attention when it comes to designing or organizing. But with the right DIY projects and easy tutorials, it can become one of your cutest and most efficient rooms. In fact… it might actually help you to like doing the laundry.. might.

Now whether you’re planning to own a home or you already have one and you’re looking for some new ideas, these eight projects will definitely get you inspired. So check them out and then head to the bottom to take a look at the tutorials.

Farmhouse Laundry Room


Found from Twelfth on Main: See Source Below

Sarah from Twelfth on Main did an amazing makeover with her laundry and I’m in love with it. She goes through each of the steps she took to create her masterpiece and it’s definitely something worth replicating!

Stenciled and Striped Laundry Room


Found from View Along the Way: See Source Below

Now this was an amazing makeover. With striped floors and cute wallpaper, this was definitely a great job done by Kelly from View Along the Way.

Laundry Room Built-In


Found from CK & Nate: See Source Below

I really love the bar above the washer and dryer that allows you to hang freshly dried shirts before they wrinkle. Also, the baskets are such a cute way to organize the room!

Cute Wall Printables


Found from Walls Under Construction: See Source Below

Now an easy way to complete or just touch up your laundry room, is to add some cute decals to your walls. And a splash of bright colors doesn’t hurt either!

Large Organizing Baskets


Found from Jenna Sue: See Source Below

Now Jenna does a great job with adding some class to her laundry room. And a great way to do that is with some beautiful large baskets that can organize your items and laundry easily.

A Playful Laundry Room


Found from Tatertots & Jello: See Source Below

With a chandelier and some numbered organizing baskets with a fun font, this laundry room is definitely cute, but a bit classy as well.

A Splash of Color


Found from Centsational Girl: See Source Below

Just adding a splash of color can make the room more bright and pop. And with a few easy additions like a patterned curtain and cute lighting fixtures, the room is definitely transformed.

Old Fashioned Laundry Room


Found from Love of Family and Home: See Source Below

I love this blue and pink colored laundry room! It definitely reminds me of something my grandmother would have had when she was young.. except a bit more modern. Also, the mason storage jars are just plain cute.

You don’t have to have a house yet to start thinking about how you’ll organize and design your laundry room. In fact, it can be fun to plan and prep so you’re ready when you first move in. Then you’ll have some great tutorials saved to help you in the process of your own laundry room DIY project!

Now if you have any questions about laundry room makeovers and organization, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


Farmhouse Laundry Room: Twelfth on Main

Stenciled and Striped Laundry Room: View Along the Way

Laundry Room Built-In: CK & Nate

Cute Wall Printables: Walls Under Construction

Large Organizing Baskets: Jenna Sue

A Playful Laundry Room: Tatertots & Jello

A Splash of Color: Centsational Girl

Old Fashioned Laundry Room: Love of Family and Home

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