This Atlanta Home Feels Like You Walked Right Into the Cover of a Decor Magazine

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When someone takes a home and crafts and curates it into a well-designed space, it does my heart good.

Like it’s some sort of medicine to just see each room and know that it fell into good hands. 

I supposed it’s partly because I’ve lived in so many different Airbnb’s, while traveling full-time, where it felt like the host was doing the bare minimum.  

So seeing Xin Lu (pronounces “sing”), take this newer Atlanta suburban home and change each room into something that looks like it came right out of a home decor magazine, felt right.

She is one of the most creative people I have seen when it comes to home DIY’s, so I hope you enjoy her tips and the photos. 

What started you on the DIY projects for your home?

I wanted a built-in bookcase but didn’t want to spend thousands on it so I read a lot of DIY tutorials and figured out how to build my own.  

Your inspirations for the home:

I’ve been reading design blogs for many years (Chris Love Julia, Yellow Brick Home, Emily Henderson) and have always been inspired by the different styles I see.

I love looking on Instagram to see what my favorite designers are putting out. Slowly over time, I’ve begun to develop my own style. 

Favorite DIY projects in the home:  

I love love the stenciled wallpaper in my guestroom. Originally I wanted to use a floral wallpaper but having never bought wallpaper before, I didn’t realize how expensive it was.

I ended up buying a stencil and painting on the floral design myself.  It was for my first One Room Challenge and took a couple weeks. 

The spots in your home that look expensive, but were done for so much less:

 So many…haha. A West Elm side table dupe that I made for $13. A faux-real tree for $26. My coffee table that I found on FBMP for $25. 

Top references for learning DIY projects: 

Youtube and also friends on Instagram. If you ask for help, most of the time, people will answer. 

Favorite spots:

Currently, my son’s bunkbed that I’m building. It’s so cozy and has so many hidden pockets of storage.  

Update: It’s finished. 👌

Favorite places to shop for your home projects:

I go to Home Depot for most of the lumber and tools.  The thrift store is great for finding decor items or furniture to refinish.  

Favorite season to decorate for:

Probably spring and summer, I love clipping branches and displaying them around my house. They are so easy and bring so much life into a room. Most of the time, it’s free too!  

Since you’ve redesigned your interior, what are holidays like in your home now? 

During the holidays, I will switch out the art to be more wintery-themed and bring out more blankets to make the house cozier but overall my decor doesn’t change much. 

Any final thoughts and tips for others wanting to change the look of their home? 

Just start!  You don’t need to know everything before a project.  You can figure it out as you go.  

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