9 Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas You Can Do from the Dollar Store

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Maybe you may notice that farmhouse designs are making a strong comeback.  Embracing a simple, cozy, chic style, this rustic aesthetic is really something to look at. When you think of it, it’s easy to envision how relaxing and charming your house could be. Thankfully you don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive farmhouse inspired things. The dollar store can provide you with almost everything you need.

So check out these amazing dollar store hacks for your cozy farmhouse inspired home and let me know what you think.

Farmhouse Candle Holder

Found from Our Southern Home’s C

Who says you need a special occasion to light up some candles? Set the mood in any room with this farmhouse candle handle. Its a great way to keep the mood light, cozy and informal.

Grain Sack Pillow

Found from Lilac and Long Horns

Pillows always add a touch of warmth to any room. This DIY hack will make a plain pillowcase into a chic and stylish farmhouse design. 

Enamel Mug Organizer

Found from Home Road

Never let your counter and table mess up again. Start organizing your things with this simple trick. If you have unused enamel mugs, then you can easily do this hack.

How to Easily Age Inexpensive Galvanized Planters

Found from Little House of Four

I’m kind of in love with planters right now, and if you are too (and you also love the farmhouse look), then definitely try out this cute DIY project.

Easy Whitewashed, Stenciled & Faux Concrete DIY Pots

Found from The Rustic Boxwood

Pots are a big part of the farmhouse look, and whether you’re hanging them and displaying them on a table, this easy project will make your house look rustic and cute.

Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers

Found from Little House of Four

We all need storage in our home, but not all storage ideas go along with the look or budget you want. Thankfully this DIY hack keeps things stylish and affordable

Dollar Store Cotton Wreaths 

Found from The Crazy Craft Lady

These cotton wreaths are a great way to  dress up your home, farmhouse style. I think this one would do Chip and Joanna proud.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Towels

Found from Little House of Four

These towels are a very simple DIY farmhouse project. They’re very cute and quick to make!

DIY Magnetic Organizer (From a Dollar Store Cookie Sheet)

Found from The Crazy Craft Lady

Now this is another awesomely farmhouse chic way to organize your home. And you’re using a cookie sheet from the dollar Store! Super clever right?

There’s always something that you can get from the dollar store to help you achieve your favorite farmhouse inspired ideas. Adding these design elements to any home can transform it into a country haven. So give it a try and let me know what you think!

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