8 Clever Ways Storage Bins can Organize Every Part of Your Home

Written by Grace & Silas

Storage bins are probably one of the best ways to organize your home. Seriously, you can use them to hide.. I mean store so much! And whether you just want to use them to organize your kitchen or bedroom, there are plenty of great ideas to help you get inspired.

Down below I found some awesome storage bin solutions for every room in the house (minus the attic). They’re simple and a lazy way to keep like-things together and in their place. So feel free to check out these ideas and let me know what you think!

For the Kitchen


Found from The Social Home: See Source Below

This blogger has some awesome ideas on how to organize her kitchen cupboards with storage bins and containers! Also, she found some pretty cute labels! Check it out!

For the Pantry


Found from House Beautiful: See Source Below

Technically this could be counted as the kitchen, but if you have a pantry (not attached to the kitchen) that’s basically the size of a big room like how I had as a kid, then it counts.

You can get storage bins like this here!

For the Craft Room


Found from Madmim: See Source Below

I get it that not everyone has a craft room, but for those of you who do, this is a great tutorial on how to make cute storage bins to keep your supplies in.

For Your Bedroom


Found from A’ La Mode: See Source Below

If you have a lot extra clothing or items in your bedroom, following this guide with storage bins will help keep things easily in place and out of the way so your room can look awesome.

For the Bathroom


Found from Pottery Barn: See Source Below

A super cute way to use storage bins is with a repurposed ladder (or a ladder from Target.. just sayin’). It gives the room a bit of a farmhouse decor feel and dresses it up casually.

For the Kid’s Room


Found from Target: See Source Below

If you have kids, then these are great storage spaces so you can keep all of those toys picked up and keep things from going… crazy. Because we all know how kid’s rooms can get.

More Bathroom Storage Ideas


Found from Better Homes and Gardens: See Source Below

I couldn’t help but share another bathroom storage bin idea since it looked pretty darn cute.

Any Closet in the House


Found from Just a Girl and Her Blog: See Source Below

So she meant this for her craft closet, but using lidded cardboard bins is a super affordable and great looking way to store whatever it is that you choose to store.

For those of you who are neat freaks or a tad OCD (or just like it when everything is in its place), using storage containers are a great idea. Seriously, they look cute and keep clutter from taking over your room.. or your whole house. So go on Amazon, try out a DIY project, or go to your favorite store and pick out some storage bins so you can get your home nicely organized.

Now if you have any storage ideas yourself, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


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