4 Habits of People Who Get Promoted At Work

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Asking your boss for a promotion is easy but actually earning one can take months or even years. It takes more than just doing your job well. For you to climb the ladder and get to the next step in your career, you need to consistently prove to decision makers and the boss(es) that you are capable to take on more obligations. 

We all know those people who seem to just be lucky to get promoted, while you’re wondering how that happened since you’re clearly doing a much better job. It’s normal to think that way, but usually those “lucky” people have discovered certain habits over a longer period, that eventually got them that promotion.

Goal Oriented

How can you expect to get promoted to a higher level if you don’t how to get there, or what needs to be done to get there? Go ask around and search for what you need to accomplish your goal so that you are in a position to get promoted. Create a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plan that will give you the highest chance of success and keep executing on that plan. 

Keep Learning and Improving

A lot of people make the grievous mistake of thinking that their education stops when they graduate from school and get their first job. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in this day and age where everything changes so fast, and the things that worked a year ago don’t work anymore.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to keep up with literally everything. But it’s very important that you keep broadening your horizon with knowledge that’s relevant to your job. Use your own money to attend seminars/conferences, take online courses and read books. By doing this you’ll not only be better at what you do but you’ll be known as someone that takes initiative and is responsible. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Successful people make sure that they keep doing things outside their comfort zone. They understand that comfort zones are dead zones since nothing grows there.

It’s tempting to stay where you are because it’s easy and comfortable, but if you want to go to that next level and get promoted, you must break out. Take on tasks that may be a little bit more challenging and outside your expertise/experience.

It may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning when you try something new and difficult, but the more you do it the better you’ll get. Your boss will notice this as well and see that you’re a go-getter that isn’t afraid to take on challenging tasks.

Be a Team Player

You may not like your colleagues all the time, but it’s still very important to be a good team player. It shows your boss that you know how to handle difficult people and situations. Promotions often mean more responsibility and no boss wants to give someone more responsibility who cannot work well with other people.

Plus it will also make your life much easy and productive than if you just did everything by yourself. Pitch in to help other people without being asked or volunteer for a task. Show that you’re more interested in the greater good of the group than just yourself.

Working towards a promotion is an awesome goal, and if this is something you’re looking to do in the near future, then definitely try out some of the habits!

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