10 Ways to Save $1000 in a Month

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It’s already a given that you can find a lot of available resources out there that focuses on money saving. But the thought that you can guarantee a savings of $1000 in a month, is a total win. You can use the money to pay off all your debt, start your investment, and secure your financial future.

And having said that, I’ve gathered down below some awesome tips and trick that’ll help you save a thousand monthly. All of them are easy to implement and will become effortless over time. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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1. Freeze Spending

Freeze your spending and make a list of all your needs and wants. In this way, you can quickly identify which to prioritize and cut costs.

Also, consider investing in things that have long lasting value for your money. Let’s say for example, instead of getting takeout coffee daily, why not get a coffee maker that can last for years? You’ll not only be saving money by ditching Starbucks coffee, but also helping the environment.

2. Plan Your Meals for the Whole Week

A little planning ahead of time will ensure you’re eating healthy and saving more money. Be sure to make a list before you go to the grocery store to avoid buying things you don’t need. Stick to it and save even more every week!

3. Cut Your Gym Membership

Ditch the pricey gym membership and look for cheap alternatives that’ll give you the same benefits. Try to download different workout apps that all come free and are super easy to follow. Also, check out Youtube since there are plenty of workout channels you can find.

Whether you want to focus on toning your muscles or burn some fat, you can always find good options.

4. Skip Eating Out

Instead of eating out at restaurants or fast food, why not cook and eat at home? It’ll be more tasty, healthy, and budget-friendly. Also, you don’t have to put up with bad customer service!

5. Get a Side Hustle

If you’re planning on starting a side hustle soon, the first thing you should do is to evaluate your skill set. Know what things you’re good at and practice your craft. This will help determine which side hustle will be a fit for you and how much money you can earn.

Some examples of side hustles: Blogging, virtual assistant, graphic designer, crafts, home cleaning, daycare, animal care, etc.

You can check out our previous Side Hustle post here!

6. Take Your Lunch to Work

By simply bringing lunch to your work every day, you can save a lot of money. The cost of homemade food is so much cheaper than eating out. Plus, you can make sure that you’re eating a healthy and tasty meals, so it’s a total win.

7. Go to YouTube to Fix Things

It’s so overwhelming how much good stuff  is on Youtube. From DIY projects to home repairs, this site has got you covered.

So the next time you need to fix something in your home, head to Youtube and check out some cool solutions. They’re free and easy to follow!

8. Sell Things You Don’t Need

You probably have a few things in your house that you never use. So why not turn them into cash and sell things that you don’t need? Not only are you going to earn money but also decluttering your space.

9. Pay Your Bills Ahead of Time (For Discounts!)

Depending on the company and your location, paying your bills ahead of time can give you great discounts on your monthly expenses. In some cases, you can receive up to a 10% discount on some of your utility bills or up to 3% percent on property taxes.

Also, when your bills are ahead of time, it keeps you free from stress and penalties.

10. Get Rebates from Ebates

One of the best rebate apps is Ebates. It offers as much as 25% cash back on many online stores. And aside from cashback, you can also find different coupons, deals, and promo codes using this. So take advantage of it and save more money.

Alright, I hope you find value in this post and I hope was able to help you figure out ways to save $1000 a month. So try implementing these ideas in your situations and let me know what you think!

Now, if there’s something that I missed out, let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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