10 Side Hustles You Can Do from Home to Earn Extra Money

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When I was younger, I thought the only way to earn money was through conventional jobs (either part-time and full-time). But after I discovered different side hustles ideas, I began to realize that it was possible to earn extra money aside from the regular 9 TO 5 job. An added bonus: these jobs can be done from home!

So here they are, ten side hustles ideas that you can do to earn extra money. Check them out and don’t forget to comment below on what you think.

Start a Blog

Our full-time work as bloggers started as a side hustle.  If you love to write- you should start a blog. It’s simple, fun, and has the potential for making a lot of money if you’re willing to put in the work.

For more tips and advice on blogging, check out my post on how I made $3,000 in the third month after my blog launched!

Sell Stock Photos

If you’re good at taking pictures, then consider selling your photos to stock websites. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your skills and earn money.

Author an Ebook

Do you have an interesting story or idea to share? If so, you can write an Ebook. You can totally create a book and let your voice to be heard. You can sell your book on sites like Amazon or Scribd and make money passively after you’re done writing.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Yes, you can make money through Amazon affiliate marketing. Here’s how it works: you promote someone else’s product on your site and get paid for it. You’ll be rewarded with a commission whenever someone buys the product through your link. 

Read more on how to make money Amazon Affiliate!

Answer Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a great way to make money online from the comfort of your home. Essentially, companies will pay you for your opinions and for insight on their products and consumer behavior. Survey topics may include shopping, travel, politics, and entertainment. There are a lot of survey sites nowadays but I recommend you to research for the legit one.

Website Designer

Web designers are providing big value in technology companies—that’s why becoming a freelance web designer is a great side hustle idea.

Be an English Teacher

There are a lot of people globally that are not native English speakers and willing to pay for you to teach them English. Why not start today? You just need a computer and a stable internet connection to make this possible. The income ranges usually from an hourly rate to fixed monthly salary.  This one has the added bonus that you get to meet new people from all over the world.  Want friends in Italy, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Rio?  This could make it happen!

Sell on Etsy

Calling out all artistic and crafty people! You might want to take advantage on selling your crafts on Etsy. This site offers a lot of incredibly unique and different products that you can’t get from any other store.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you love working from home and if you’re good with social media, graphic design, websites, email marketing, or other related tasks, you can find Virtual Assistant opportunities to make money in your spare time.  How cool is that?

Check my post on how to become a virtual assistant!

Sell Your Extra Stuff

Selling your extra stuff is the easiest way to earn money online. All you have to do is take a picture of your things, post them online and negotiate to your buyers.

The beauty of side hustles is that you can really make one of out whatever you love to do. Some might seem more profitable than others, but with a little creativity, you can monetize nearly any hobby – you just have to provide value to someone else. So, don’t feel cornered into one hustle and try out these tips so you can make and save more money. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome list, I am going to choose the job to make money at home, looking forward to more information like this, keep sharing with us, have a good day!

  2. Great Tips! Such a great information.

    I agree with you that “When we we’re younger we thought that the only way to earn money was through conventional jobs (either part-time and full-time).” I have always been facing problems with Earning Extra Money from Home and was trying to hire someone to help me.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoy being free of a “traditional” job. Even though freelancing and side hustles can be stressful when income varies month to month, I prefer it over working with the same people on the same projects in an office somewhere. Great list!


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