10 Simple Hacks That’ll Organize Your Home in the New Year

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It’s the start of the year again where you make New Year’s resolutions and hopefully stick with them. And if you’re like many others out there, you might make resolutions to stay more organized. And that’s why I decided to create a handy list of some great organizing hacks that you can apply when tidying up your home.

Down below are some amazing ideas that can help you declutter and organize your space. They’ll save you time, money, and ease the pain of having a messy place. So check them out and let me know what you think!

DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

If you have plenty of unused wrapping paper from the holidays, then definitely store them away for next year! You can use any garment bag that you already have at home to do this. Just put all your rolled paper inside and hang it up. Whenever you need it, just open the zipper and grab what you need.

Create Drawer Dividers Using Cereal Box

You’ll like these useful and chic looking drawer dividers made from a cereal box. These containers will organize your items in no time without really spending any money. All you have to do is cut each box at the same height of your drawer and then wrap them with pretty paper for additional decoration (optional). Put them in your drawer and organize all the things that are in there.

Build a Pegboard

Give your home some extra space, by hanging a peg board in your kitchen. You can store your pots, pans, cookware, bakeware and more. You can also do the same for your office, mudroom, pantry, and bedroom. It can hold so many items and make any room look cute!

Label Everything in Your Pantry

An organized pantry is the first step towards an organized and well-functioning kitchen. So try labeling everything in your pantry for easy finding and grabbing. You can check Pinterest for some FREE label printables for your items. That site has got you covered with spices, condiments, breakfast essentials, and more. Plus they all look gorgeous when added to your organizer.

Bread Ties for Your Cords

When you have a lot of cords in one area, it can definitely be hard to identify which ones belong to which appliance. But a great solution is to use a bread tag to tie on your cord, so you can easily identify which is which. They’re much sturdier than any paper tag or sticker that you might otherwise buy at an office supply store.

DIY Charging Station

Finding a way to neatly charge your gadgets and hide the power cords has become a struggle for all of us. But did you know that with just a shoe box, scissors to cut holes for the cords, and a little creativity, you can have a DIY charging station?

Complete Closet Organization

Is there anything better than having an organized closet? Start by hanging your most used clothes in an area where you can easily see it and store unused ones in the bottom. Then try rolling your everyday clothes into a drawer to save more space. For your pants, jeans and shorts, fold them and store using bins. Also, consider grouping your clothes according to color and/or season.

Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Tired of fumbling around in a messy drawer when you need a specific utensil? Why not use mason jars as holders? It’s cute, simple, easy to do, and can add style to your cupboards and counters.

Turn Magazine Racks Into a Can Holder

Canned goods as you know eat up so much space in your pantry. Even if you stack them, they can still take too much space. So consider using your old magazine rack and repurpose it as a can holder. A magazine holder is a perfect-sized organizer when tilted on its back. Use two flattened bobby pins as stoppers at the ends and turn your rack into a canned good organizer.

Rustic Bathroom Storage

There are a lot of things that make your bathroom messy, including brushes, combs, lotions, moisturizers, and hair irons. Organize them and create pretty storage containers by simply gluing rope to your old coffee cans. Use different sizes of cans to create a cute look. The great part is that if you drink coffee, you may already have the cans on hand.

Whether it’s New Year or any other time of the year, keeping your home organized is important. I mean after a long tiring day, who wouldn’t want to go home to a clean place? And if you really want to stick to your New Year’s resolution, try implementing these tips and hacks the next time you organize your home. You’ll be surprised with how much time they save.

Now if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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