12 Home Hacks That’ll Make Things a Lot Simpler

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Your home is the best place where you can have comfort and security. So it really does make sense that’ll you’ll want to make it the best place it can be. And whether you want to decorate or organize the rooms in your home, there are plenty of awesome hacks to help you do just that.

And down below I gathered some awesome tips and tricks that’ll help you keep your home in order and make life easier. These tips are a great solution for house organization and decluttering. Seriously, they can help you to get things done quickly. So check them out and let me know what you think!

DIY Cord Tags

Tangled cords are such a big mess. You have to detangle and find which cord belongs to which electronic or appliance. So to easily unplug the cord you want to unplug, simply label them with little washi tape flags to identify which is which.

Cleaning Supplies Organizer

Turn your ordinary shoe holder into a cleaning supplies organizer and hang it on the back of your door. This trick is a space saver and keeps your things all in one place.

Hanging Baskets for Sewing Supply

If you need an easy to grab place for your sewing and knitting supplies, then try making hanging baskets! It’ll save you space in your closets and rooms, and make things easy to see and get!

Fill Nail Holes

If your walls are marked up with nail holes, try crayons to fill it in instead of putting on a ton of speckle. Just be sure to use the same color of crayon as the walls (or very similar).

Make an Eat me First Box

If there is food in your fridge that needs to be eaten soon, create an “eat me first” box. Just get a box from the dollar store and label it as “Eat Me First!”

Lego Key Holder

Keep your keys safe and in one place with a fun lego key holder. Just attach a lego base to the wall with putty, then punch a hole into a few pieces of legos (you’ll want one lego per key chain), Attach the lego to the key chain, and when you’re home, all you have to do is attach the lego piece to the lego base.

Launch Pad

If you’re someone that has trouble keeping things organized (like the things you need to actually leave the house), then consider making a launch pad! It’s a great way to keep things easy to grab.

Keep Trash Bags in Place with Upside Down Hooks

Seriously, it’s annoying when the trash can bag liner slips down into the can as you add trash. To easily get rid of that dilemma, use command hooks to keep the trash bag in place. Just attach the command hooks pull the handle part of the bags around them.

Gather Loose Lids in One Place

Store all of your lids in one place with this cabinet lid organizer. To create this, just attach a magazine holder to the back of one of your cabinets and your’e good to go! This is such a great way to maximize space!

Hang Your Hats with Clothes Pins

If you’re someone that loves hats, try hanging a copper (or metal/color of your choice) on a wall, tie ropes to hang down, and pin your hats. It’s a great way to keep them easy to see and grab.

Multi Purpose Bins Organizer

Storage bin organization is such a great addition to your kitchen. It keeps your pantry organized so you can easily find your stuff.

Make Drawer Organizers

Try making a simple drawer organizer with cardboard. It keeps your clothes in order and easy to grab! Just use a ruler and a box cutter to create dividers.

Now, whether you’re looking for ways to organize your home or just want to find a solution for some problems, these nine tips and tricks will seriously help you out. They are super easy to do and make your life just a bit easier. So give them a try and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about any of these tips, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them.

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