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My parents are coffee addicts, and I mean crazy coffee addicts. They like their coffee so strong that for years, I grew up thinking that coffee tasted bad. Turns out they brewed it too dark. It wasn’t until my future husband introduced me to a cup of coffee made right, and then I was hooked.

Now some of you might not even like Starbucks, you might think it’s overpriced or it’s just not your cup of tea (or coffee in this case). So thankfully many of these price cutting hacks can expand to other chains or local coffee houses.



Even though I didn’t drink coffee for years, I learned this one young. If you’re on a cheap coffee date or going with a friend, get a venti (I seriously had to Google the size names for Starbucks; turns out that’s a large. I know you’d think I’d have that down in memory right?), then ask the barista for two small (er tall) cups. Once you have the two cups, split the large drink between the both of you and then doctor your coffee how you want.

You can do this with any drink Starbucks has, so if you’re trying to save a few bucks when with someone, this is a great way to do it.


Now this tip is only for the Starbucks fans out there. Apparently Starbucks has a fourth size and it’s smaller than a tall. It’s called a short and it’s an 8 oz. So you can save up to eighty cents by ordering a short.

However, note that it’s not on the menu, but the barista will know what you’re talking about.


Whenever I used to order an iced drink on a hot day, I was happy to finally have something that would refresh me. And then in three seconds I’d already be at the bottom of the cup, making those annoying sucking sounds with my straw when there’s only a little bit of drink at the bottom.

Starbucks and plenty of other coffee shops fill up their cups with a ton of ice. So the trick is to ask for “light ice” or ice on the side so you get your drink for the price you paid. Saves you money on a refill.

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Speaking of refills, here’s a short but simple tip. Starbucks offers refills for only fifty cents (other coffee houses might offer something similar, so be sure to ask). So instead of paying four bucks (Fourbucks get it? Never mind…) for another drink, just ask and they’ll be happy to comply.


You know how they ask you if you want room for cream? Well that’s very thoughtful of them, expect then that leaves you with less drink for the price you paid. A simple fix is to ask the barista to put your drink into a larger sized cup, then you can go crazy at the condiment bar. Unless you got a venti, then I guess this isn’t going to work for you.


The lattes they have at Starbucks and coffee houses are expensive. Thankfully though, there’s a way to get around that. You can create your own latte by ordering three shots of espresso and then adding your own milk in at the condiment bar.

This can also be applied to chai lattes. Those things are not cheap, but if you just order a chai tea and add the milk in after, it’ll be a problem solved.


Alright so this one sounds a bit weird (or maybe that’s just me). If you’re ordering a tea, order it “without water.” This one had me confused because tea is made with water (I thought the person who gave me this advice was a bit of a space cadet at first). What this actually means is, when you get an iced tea, Starbucks will water it down. So now you’re getting less caffeine and flavor. So be sure to ask them to have it without water, and make sure to ask for light or no ice so you’re getting the most out of your iced tea.


This one can save you some good money if you go to Starbucks often. The Starbucks app puts you on the “Gold” status after you’ve purchased thirty drinks within a twelve month period. Then after you’ve reached this, it gives you a free drink or food after every twelve drinks that you purchase. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of purchases, but if you’re an avid coffee drinker, it can save you something.

Also after every five drinks, you get another free drink or food dish on your birthday. And the last perk to having the Starbucks app is that you can get free refills with any iced or drip coffee beverage. Sounds pretty good to me!



If you’re someone that likes Starbucks or your local coffee shop, but likes a deal, then any number of combinations for these money saving tips can help you out. And knowing that you saved some money by using one or more these hacks might just make your morning commute a little better. Ok, probably not, commuting sucks. But at least your wallet will thank you.

If these tips were helpful and you learned something new, let me know! However, if it didn’t provide value and you still have questions, email me or let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear you out and give you an answer.

Join my EXCLUSIVE email list for money saving and making hacks!

Here I'll give you some of the best tips and hacks I have for making and saving money.

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22 thoughts on “How to Save Money at Starbucks”

  1. Here’s a tip, most coffee shops have their used coffee grounds bagged up that you can get for free! I use the grounds in my garden. Thanks for the great money saving tips!?

  2. Thanks for all these great tips. I will be trying each one as I am a Gold Card carrying member and hey, a ‘Buck saved is a ‘Buck earned ( get it?). I’ll check back soon and let you all know.

  3. I ALWAYS order my grande Caramel Mocha Frappacino with no whip in a venti cup. They always measure out too much, so that last bit gets poured out. Great for under $5! 🙂

  4. I work at Starbucks – number 7 got me. We don’t “water down” teas. They are made concentrated so we add water (or lemonade, etc) to make them to standard recipe. Plenty of people ask for no water, and that’s great. We will make it how you order – no problem. Just don’t think we water drinks down to short the customer. The water added is not to hurt the flavor but is actually the recipe we use to make it correctly! A bad drink or experience is never the intent.

  5. I, was looking forward to seeing some saving on their , coffee beans ,every 3 weeks, i crawl in there to buy 2 lbs of beans for my coffee maker. AND the price has gone up, I usually pay $23 .95 ,and just yesterday I paid $25.95 . I could not believe that. ,My coffee in the morning is sinking my budget.

  6. I drink STARBUCK’s Chai Tea Latte. I get it with no water (as stated above) AND no foam. They spoon out all the foam on the top (that was filling up the cup) and refill with more drink. Thus it’s not watered down and I get a full cup of my drink!


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