10 Poems About Friendship to Bring You Closer Together

Silas & Grace

It’s can be so easy to feel like you’re safer if you’re alone.

That you can’t get hurt you or misused if you keep a distance between yourself and others.

But then you meet those people who walk into your life because of a series of circumstances, and suddenly… you feel safe. 

You feel like you actually have someone who’s on your side and who you can actually relate to.

I’ve been there so many times! I would have “frien-emies,” people who would one day be incredible to be around, and then the next day there was a distance for no reason. It got so tiring trying to figure out what kind of friend they were going to be each day. Would we get along and have a good time tomorrow? Who knew? 

But now I am SO blessed to have people who truly care and look out for me. And if you have that too, then these might be some kind and thoughtful poems to send their way. ❤️ 

Us Two

By A.A. Milne

“Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,

There’s always Pooh and Me.

Whatever I do, he wants to do,

“Where are you going today?” says Pooh

“Well, that’s very odd ‘cos I was too.

“Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he.

“Let’s go together,” says Pooh…”

Forever Friends

By Amber S. Pence

“The friendship we have is so rare to find. 

We hate to see each other in a bind. 

We have made each other laugh so hard we’ve cried

We feel each other’s pain if we are hurt inside. 

We always can find the right words to say.

To help us get through any dreadful day.

We have told our secrets with no shame. 

We tell each other the truth, even if we are to blame. 

Thinking of you not being here makes me feel so sad. 

We will have to look back on our crazy memories to make us glad. 

he miles between us can’t keep us apart, 

Because we will keep each other close at heart.”

True Friends

By Ashley Campbell

“A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows

Or maybe like a ocean that gently flows

A friend is like gold that you should treasure

And take care of forever and ever

A friend is like an angle that is there to guide you

A friend is someone you can trust out of a few

A friend is more than one in a million

They are one in ca-zillion 

And you, my friend, are very special

and so it is official.”

Your Kind Of Friendship

By Anonymous

“It takes more than caring

To be a real friend

The nature of friendship

Requires a blend

Of warmest compassion

And love deep and true

To reach and to comfort

The way that you do

Because I can see

That your kind of friendship

Is priceless to me.”

The Best of Friends

By S Jill Wolf

“The best of friends, 

can change a frown,

Into a smile, 

When you feel down.

The best of friend

will understand,

Your little trials,

And lend a hand.

The best of friends

will always share,

Your secret dreams,

Because they care. 

The best of friends

Worth more than gold,

Give all the love,

A heart can hold.”

Childhood Friends

By Mindy Carpenter

“As childhood friends, we grew up together,

Swearing to be friends forever and ever.

Sometimes we would argue and fight,

Other times we would laugh and stay up all night.


We went from playing with games and toys,

To talking and dreaming about different boys.

My thoughts and feelings, to you I would confide,

Never having anything to hide.


Friends we do remain,

Things changing, and things staying the same.

To each other we still listen and share,

About each other, we will always care.”

Thank You, Friend

By Joanna Fuchs

“Thank you, friend, for all the things

That mean so much to me

For concern and understanding

You give abundantly.


Thanks for listening with your heart;

For cheering me when I’m blue;

For bringing out the best in me;

And just for being you.


Thanks for in-depth conversation

That stimulates my brain;

For silly times we laugh out loud;

For things I can’t explain.


For looking past my flaws and faults;

For all the time you spend;

For all the kind things that you do,

Thank you; thank you, friend.”

True Friends

By John P. Read

“Whenever life gets you down,

Remember I’ll always be around;

All you have to do is call.


When your dreams disappear,

I’ll always be near

To catch you when you fall.


So remember, dear friend,

On me you can depend;

Nothing’s too much at all.


I will stand by your side;

I won’t run and hide.

Seeing you happy is my reward.”

A Friend

By Gillian Jones

“A person who listens and not condemn

Someone on whom you can depend

They will not flee when bad times are here

Instead, they will be there to lend an ear

They will think of ways to make you smile

So you can be happy for a while

When times are good and happy thereafter

They will be there to share the laughter

Do not forget your friends at all

For they pick you up when you fall

Do not expect to just take and hold

Give friendship back, it is pure gold.”

Thank You For Your Friendship And Your Love

By Nicholas Gordon

“Thank you for your friendship and your love.

However life may turn, this gift will be

A mountain that has made my river bend,

Nor will it flow the same way to the sea.

Knowing you is something I’m made of.


Years will not this part of me remove.

One lives for just a brief eternity,

Understanding truths that never end.”



Navigating like alone is complicated and can cause so much stress. But thankfully there are those who are with us and for us.

You don’t have to be alone to be safe, you just have to let go of those who aren’t, and find those who value your safety. ❤️ 

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