5 Amazing Money Saving Apps for Groceries

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Apps aren’t just good for playing games, downloading music, or taking photos anymore. People have created apps that have become more useful and helpful for everyday life. From apps that help you keep your budget to grocery money saving apps, creators have now spoken to the practical side of us.

I’ve looked through many different money saving apps, and there are quite a few categories, such as clothing apps to putting money back for a rainy day. But in this series of money saving apps, I’m going to focus on those that pertain to groceries.

Groceries are a necessity and a lot of the time, they can take a chunk out of your monthly income. But there are some pretty smart people out there that have created apps to help people cut down the cost of their receipt and get freebies as well. So whether you’re feeding a family or just yourself, any number of combinations of these apps can help you save money.

Grocery IQ – No Longer Available

How it Works: The first perk to this money saving app is that it allows you to build grocery lists by searching through the products that are shown in the app (basically anything you can think of, and it will auto-suggest once you start typing). This can help you stay away from impulse purchases and stay on track with what you were originally going to buy.

Second, the app has a feature that locates stores and offers coupons pertaining to those stores. Definitely a great app to keep you on budget and save you some money.

Who it Works For

Grocery IQ works for both iOS, Android, and on your computer.

Where to get it

Shopular – Now Rakuten.com

How it Works: I really like how this app works. Basically, once you start to approach a store (Shopular works with many major retail stores out there), it sends an alert to your phone to let you know of coupons or deals you can take advantage of when shopping there.

The coupon is automatically on the app so you can give it to the cashier (or hold it out for them), and then they can scan your screen and you’ve automatically saved. No more coupon cutting!

Lastly, you can save stores as your personal favorites so you can see a list of current deals and promotions. And the promotions always seem to be worth the time to check.

Who it Works For

This app is only compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Where to get It

You can sign up for Shopular here.

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How it Works: Ibotta is definitely a useful money-saving app and is well-praised by many money-saving experts. The app will give you a rebate for any brand of items you buy. And although they are small, they also have name-brand coupons that you can get a bigger rebate and get more cash back.

Whether you’re getting the smaller amount (I’ve heard it to be around 10-20 cents) or the bigger amount (around 50 cents to several dollars), it’s definitely worth you times, especially if you were going to buy those items anyway.

To get this cashback, all you have to do is scan the item’s bar code, then take a photo of the receipt, and the money will be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

Who it Works For

Ibotta is available to those who have iOS or Android.

Where to Get It

You can get the Ibotta app here.

Favado – Now Savings.com

How it Works: This app saves you a lot of money by finding the best combinations of sales and coupons (and secret sales) and notifying you when your favorite brand goes on sale. You can print out the coupons that they give you and take them in when you make your grocery run.

Who it Works For

Favado works for those who have an iPhone, iPod touch, or Android services.

Where to get It

You can get Favado here.

Checkout 51

How it Works: Pretty similar to Ibotta, although a bit simpler, Checkout 51 is a great money-saving app for when you go shopping. It will give you rebates and the occasional freebie for the items shown on their app and when purchased. All you have to do is snap a photo of your receipt and they’ll give you money back to your account. Once you reach $20 they’ll let you cash out and mail you a check.

Who it Works For

Checkout 51 works for iOS and Android.

Where to get It

You can get Checkout 51 here.

There are many money-saving apps for groceries out there, but these five are highly recommended. Pair it with using two or more of the apps together, and your store’s own savings rewards plan and you have some awesome combinations.

I hope this post added value to your life, and if you have any money-saving apps (for groceries or otherwise), email me or let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear you out and possibly add them to my list for the money-saving app series I’m creating!


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