7 Ways to Live Below Your Means in a Time of Crisis

Written by Grace & Silas

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Sometimes we need to live below our means, and particularly during a time of crisis where wages may be lowered due to a recession or people being sent home due to a pandemic. And these tips should help you do just that!

Important Side Note:

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If you’re in debt, then I would definitely read Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover which you can check out here. He’s helped MILLIONS of people climb their way out of debt and have financial peace and security. So DEFINITELY check him out!

Also! He has another great book called the Legacy Journey which is a great read. Check it out here!

Use a Meal Plan

Rather than buying some of everything that you like when you do a food run, plan your meals ahead so you know exactly what ingredients you need and only buy them. This will save you money that can be put aside for when it’s really needed.

Create a Budget

Look at what you have coming in and the money you have going out. From here you’ll be able to track where your money goes and keep limits on certain expenditures, such as grocery bills. Get rid of any optional extras that you don’t need.

Get Rid of Credit Cards

Credit cards may seem like a good idea, but the high-interest rates can hinder rather than help. This is honestly one of the best ways to keep yourself from going into debt.

Stop Caring About Keeping Up with People

Just because your neighbor has a new car, or your friend has the latest phone, doesn’t mean you need to as well. Especially in times of crisis, make do with what you have or, if possible, trade down to save yourself even more money.

Get Rid of the Small Purchases

A movie rental here, a bit of makeup there. These small purchases may seem inconsequential on their own, but over time they add up. Also, chances are they aren’t essential purchases. So stick to just your weekly or monthly store runs.

Do Your Own Beauty Regimes

Rather than paying someone to pluck your eyebrows or dye your hair, learn to do it yourself. You may need to pay for the tools to begin, but in the long run, it will save you a small fortune!

Start an Emergency Fund and Don’t Touch It

By creating a fund for a crisis, you’ll be more prepared for when it hits. Granted, this doesn’t help during a time of crisis such as now, but that shouldn’t stop you from saving now so you have an emergency fund in the future. Your future self will thank you!

Living below your means doesn’t mean sacrificing meals and starving to save money. It simply implies getting rid of anything that isn’t essential now so you don’t have the stress of uncertainty in times of trouble. So try getting started today! 🙂


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