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Written by Grace & Silas

When my husband Silas and I were just starting out in our path to becoming full-time bloggers, we would spend time reading other blogger’s posts on how to blog (seems natural right?). And so many times we felt like we had just run into click bait with no real substance. They would give the same cliche advice that all the other bloggers gave or their posts wouldn’t live up to the titles that attracted us to their site in the first place.

And once in awhile, we would run into a nugget of gold in their posts, but this was few and far in between.

We both had to struggle to come up with our own methods, take the value we could get from very few bloggers (who were open with their readers), and research what bigger bloggers were doing to get great traffic. It was a lot of work, but it ended up being well worth our time.

Now we understand that not all of you have the time to do extensive research on blogging and/or you’re struggling to find helpful information. And that’s why we decided to create a free blogging email course.

We wanted to lay it all out step-by-step for readers who were in need of a way to make it out of the 9-5 job. We wanted to make something for people who needed real help with blogging and wanted to make more income than what a day job could offer.

So with this in mind, we ended up making a 15-day course that shows you the steps we did to make a blogging income in less than a year.

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How to Start Your Own Money-Making Blog

Here is what each day will include:

Day 1: Why & How to Start a Blog

Day 2: Finding Your Niche

Day 3: Why it’s Ok to Have More Than One Niche

Day 4: The Different Ways to Make Money Blogging

Day 5: Posts That Will Turn Profit

Day 6: WIIFM & Pain Points

Day 7: Pinterest, Your Secret Weapon Part I

Day 8: Pinterest, Your Secret Weapon Part II

Day 9: The Cost of Blogging

Day 10: How to Gain Success Like the Pros

Day 11: The 3 Bad Lies About Blogging to Ignore

Day 12: Selling Yourself & Others on The Dream

Day 13: Our Top Blogging Tips

Day 14: Resources & Recommendations

Day 15: Why You Can Make it Work

This course is honestly the guiding voice and helping hand we wanted when we were just starting out. And that’s why we’re giving all this information out to you for free.

The course launches on Monday the 18th of September, so feel free to sign up down below!

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About Us

If you’re new to this site, then we’d love for you to get to know us (And we’d love to get to know you too, so feel free to message me in the comments!).

Back in 2015, my husband and I were looking for ways to work from home. We both had a passion for full-time travel. And the corporate/retail world? Well it just wasn’t for us. We needed a job that would pay us good money for location independence and future savings.

However, we were broke, and no online job seemed to fit our abilities. And when you’re broke, anything bad that can happen.. will happen. The car kept on breaking down in the middle of winter, unexpected bills kept on popping up, and to be honest.. it just felt hopeless.

And that’s when we heard about blogging for profit.

We both didn’t want to blog… at all. We kept on hearing about how it took other bloggers years to get an income from blogging. And we didn’t want to wait years, we wanted to make a real income, and soon! We were tired of living on the edge.

But when we listened to Nick Loper from The Side Hustle Show interview Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter, that’s when our perspectives on blogging changed (you can listen to it here). She gave real actionable advice that no one else gave. And she attained her blogging success in a year… so we determined that we’d do it sooner.

You can check out the tools I use to have a money-making blog here!

So with us making the sacrifice to be a one income family, I stayed home while he worked long hours at his soul-sucking corporate job to make the blog take off. And 3 months after the blog had launched… I was making more than his corporate job.

It was June of 2016 and we were making $3,000 in just one month!

And since then, we’ve been getting emails and comments asking for help. Of course we’d reply and give people the tips and advice they needed, but we soon realized that a free course that had all the answers in one place was needed.

So here were are! A couple months in the making and it’s about to be released! We honestly couldn’t be more excited to give you a step-by-step guide that’s packed with actionable advice.

So make sure you sign up and if you have any questions about the course, let me know in the comments down below!

Sign up for my free blogging email course!

By signing up for this course you will automatically be added to our blogging email list! Promise we will not send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

Meet Silas & Grace

Silas and Grace always had a passion for travel. So in 2016, they started Chasing Foxes as an independent income source. 4 months after launch, they were making enough money from their blog to travel full-time, and in the past 5 years, they’ve been able to encourage others in their blogging journeys too. Learn more about Silas & Grace.

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