8 Green Cleaning Hacks That Are Seriously Easy to Try

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Everyone wants there house neat and clean, and there are a lot of products available on the market. But all of those products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to our health and the environment.

Even cleaning products that have the label “green” also contain hidden toxic chemicals that will adversely affect our health. And that’s why it’s such a great idea to make our own quick and easy cleaning solutions for around the house chores. So check these out and let me know what you think!

Vinegar for Stainless Steel

Vinegar is an amazing ingredient that cleans our stainless steel utensils. But keep one thing in mind; don’t use it in a concentrated form. Mix ¾ cup vinegar with about ¼ cup water. Put the solution into a spray bottle and use it to eliminate all the stains.

Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits

To remove calcium deposits on pots, mix 50% water and 50% white vinegar and bring it to a boil in the pot. The quantity will depend on the size of the pot. After that, turn off the stove and then use a cleaning sponge to wipe out the calcium deposits.

Unclog Your Drains

Unclog your drains by using a mixture of ½ cup of soda and ½ cup vinegar. Then pour it down the drain and cover it over with a wet cloth for around five minutes. Then flush hot water down the drain to unclog. It’s a very effective hack.

Polish Your Furniture by Using this Simple Recipe

Want to polish your furniture? The wood polishers available are filled with harmful ingredients, but you can make your own homemade polish. All you need is a lemon, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp water, a cloth, and a jar and that’s it. Use this polish to clean your furniture. It will add a protective layer and keep your furniture new and shiny.

Tea Bags for Odor Removal

If you are sick and tired of the odor of your shoes, then use this simple and effective hack. Take tea bags and then put them in your shoes for 24 hours. Tea bags suck out the bad odor and make them smell fresh.

A Simple Way to Clean Your Microwave

To quickly clean your microwave, put a bowl of white vinegar in and heat it up for 2 minutes. After that, you can easily wipe off all the food.

Old Shirts as Cleaning Rags

Do you have old cotton shirts that you don’t want to wear anymore? Well instead of throwing them away, you can use them as cleaning rags. They are an excellent cleaning material and can be reused over and over again. Plus they’re free!

Hack to Remove Stuck Chewing Gum

When chewing gum gets stuck to your clothes, it seems almost impossible to remove. But a quick hack for this is to put your clothing into a bag and place it in the freezer. Once the gum freezes, it can be easily removed without any real effort.

Whether you want to keep your health safe or help out the environment, there are always plenty of green cleaning hacks we can use in our home and lives. They simple to try and also save us money as well which is an added bonus!

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