A Simple Speed Cleaning Checklist

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A lot of us have been stuck in situations where our houses are a total mess and some neighbor or relative decides to pay a surprise visit.

So keeping your house clean has now become something that you just can’t skip. And if you want some simple tips for speed cleaning, then check these ones out down below!

1. Gather Cleaning Supplies

You don’t want to be held up due to a lack of supplies, so make sure you have everything you need in one reachable place.

2. Dishes First

For the kitchen, start off by putting the dishes in the dishwasher and then you can wipe your stove and shelves, as well as the front of your appliances.

And remember, if it’s already clean, then don’t wipe it down. This will cut down on time.

3. Declutter

Dedicate 2-3 minutes to declutter each room in your house.

Clear out tables, shelves, and your couch first as they look the messiest when cluttered. Any papers, toys, trays, or junk food that has been laying around is also contributing a lot to making your house look like a hot mess.

You can use a trash bag to gather up the trash and another trash bag (or bin) to gather up things that go into other rooms. Once done, put everything back in its place.

4. Empty Trash & Clean Baskets

Start with the bathrooms and check the rooms and anywhere you keep a basket. Gather all the trash and take it out immediately.

5. Speedy Bathroom Cleaning

For the bathroom, quickly scrub the sink and pick up anything which doesn’t belong. Replace the old towel with a new one and get some air freshener. You’re done!

6. Vacuum Smart

Don’t vacuum every room and don’t move around tables and couches (that can be done another time during a deep clean.)

Just vacuum main areas that are going to be easily noticeable if left unattended.

7. Speedy Bedroom Cleaning

First of all, you need to put away all of your clothes that have been lying on the chairs or bed. But carry a hamper with you so you can quickly throw the dirty clothes in there.

Then, make your bed, throw out any trash from your room, and take dishes to the dishwasher. It’s as simple as that.

8. Grab a Spray Bottle & Rag

Finally, run a spot check on all the mirrors and windows and make sure everything is right.

Speed cleaning your house is a shortcut to a happy and clean home.

However, this shouldn’t be a way of life as your house needs proper cleaning. This checklist is only for emergency situations only!

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