7 Habits of People with Homes That Are Almost Always Clean & Organized

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Having a clean home is an aspiration for many people, however, they wonder where to start. But by adopting clean and healthy habits, you will find it easier to keep your home organized the way you desire. These habits don’t need to consume a lot of time or money but will save you time and frustration overall.

Remove Clutter

If it doesn’t have a purpose and/or isn’t aesthetically appealing, get rid of it. Less clutter will also help you reduce the amount of dust build up in your home, and give an overall cleaner appearance. You can sell, donate, or throw away the items if no longer needed, or put into storage if you prefer.

Make a Schedule

Have a cleaning routine and stick to it. This may involve you always hoovering on a Monday, or cleaning out the kitchen cupboards every fifth Wednesday. Whatever your schedule looks like, make sure it is one that works for you that will be easy for you to stick to.

Utilize Small Time Periods

You may think you don’t have enough time to be productive if you’ve only got 10 minutes, but you’d be wrong! A lot can be accomplished over short, 10-minute periods. You could put a load of clothing into the washer, make headway into the dishes, put some clothes away, or clean the floor in a room.

Empty the Fridge

Rather than leaving food to fester in the fridge for an extended period of time, people with clean homes will go through their items regularly. The ideal length for this is on a weekly basis. Chuck out anything that is past its expiry date. You can also use this time to write a shopping list for the coming week.

Keep Supplies in Smart Locations

Keep your kitchen supplies in the kitchen and bathroom cleaner in the bathroom. By keeping these items where they’re used, you will be more likely to pick them up and use them than if they were stored away out of sight.

Clean Handles and Switches

While you may think your home is clean, remember that high-traffic places will accumulate dirt and germs. This includes door handles, light switches, and plug sockets. Make sure these are wiped and cleaned regularly, being mindful to not electrocute yourself.

Do the Dishes That Day

Make sure you do your dishes by the end of the day. This can be done by hand or using a dishwasher. This way you will ensure that your items are clean by the next morning, and you won’t have chores overlapping into the following day.

Having a clean home can be easy, and you will find your environment more enjoyable to live in. Also, following and making good habits can enable you to get into a cleaning routine that works for you. So give some of these a try!

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