7 Habits from People Who Love Having a Clean Home

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Everyone loves to have a pristine home that is both nice to live in and to show off to others around them. But sometimes having this cleanliness can seem like a lot of work for not much in return. So here are just a few ways that others have found to keep their home in tip-top shape without a ton of work.

Keep counters clean.

People who have a clean home know that the kitchen is the true heart of the place, where meals are made, and coffee can be had. By simply wiping your counters with disinfectant after each use, a task that could be achieved in under a minute, you are not only ensuring that part of your home is clean but also reducing the risk of any bacteria. Clean and healthy is a winner for us all.

Put clothes away immediately.

Most of us have been guilty of, at least once in our lives, taking clean laundry upstairs and letting it sit in a basket for weeks on end. By putting your clothes away the second they’re dry or ironed, you help to prevent this clutter.

Make your bed.

If you make your bed as soon as you get up then you’ve already completed the first cleaning task of the day, in around a minute. By doing this each day, it will help you get into a routine that can then progress into keeping the rest of your house just as tidy.

Tidy as you go.

Rather than leaving things to the end of the meal or day, tidy as you go. Put dishes in the washer the second you have enough for one load, or wash up as you cook, rather than letting it pile up. This will allow you to have a sense of completion for these tasks without the dread that can set in when things have built up and seem potentially unmanageable.

Be happy with what you do.

Getting into good habits of cleaning means also knowing when to stop. You will never ever get your home 100% clean and that’s okay! If you’ve cleaned your floors, bathroom, clothes, and bedding then remember to also take the time to enjoy your home. After all, what is all this cleaning worth if you don’t sit back sometimes and relish in your hard work?

Clean OUT

Sometimes the best cleaning tip is just to get rid of things. Go through your fridge, freezer, and cupboards to remove all of the out-of-date food items (or things you don’t use). Likewise, do the same for any toiletries or makeup.

Do a last-thing check.

It can help to check what needs doing just before bed. By making this check, you will have everything in your mind ready for the next day, meaning you don’t waste time procrastinating or checking in the morning.

There you have it, a few ways you can get a cleaner home simply by changing your cleaning habits. Of course, there are many more ways than just the ones mentioned, but these will help you get started.

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